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Yoga For COVID-19 - Anadhija Vyadhi
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According to SVYASA University Bangalore, the body’s 3 defense mechanisms against the invading virus are the cellular fighters, the antibodies and the anti-oxidants produced in peri-nasal sinuses during chanting of humming sound (Bhramari). The Yoga Vasistha, understands the role of mind in fighting the infection called Anadhija Vyadhi. How stress can aggravate the condition and lead to cytokine storm that is responsible for respiratory distress blockage of air sacs that lead major severities led by COVID-19 infection.

Integrated techniques recommended by traditional masters of Yoga include body level, breathing level practices for mind mastery as defined by Patanjali. Linking Yoga modules prepared for prevention, prophylaxis and add-on during management and explained how doctors in Italy and London, an elderly person in France and a family in Canada were able to come out
of the death bed of an ICU without having to go on to ventilator.

The corona health assessment scale is being promoted by S-VYASA with CCRYN (Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy), Ministry of AYUSH & the Government of India through electronic forms. It requires participants to detail their health status and life style during the lock down and receive guidelines on how they can better care for

Yoga helps and trains us to develop good environmental tolerance in whatever environment we are in. As it has been noticed during the lock down, the sands keep shifting regarding the landscape of the situation and for some, it was not possible to have access to fresh air, clean pollution free ambience, food rich in vegetables and fruits. However, basing their concentration forces through Yoga philosophy and scientific principles of Vyasa Yoga, we are able to defend ourselves mentally and physically against the pandemic we are all facing together.

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