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Yoga – The Philosophy of Action – Karmayoga – B.G. Tilak TITLE


It can be said that Indian ideologies, Hinduism and Hindu beliefs have become more available over the world in an accurate format. ­­It can also be pointed out that Karma yoga or Philosophy of Action is deeply embedded within us through the brief compass, Sanyasa, Bhakti and Karma, pointing towards the realization of the goal. The definition of Karma, as in Bhagavad Gita, is to do or to move. Anything that is done or any movement of the limbs, or any change of place of particles or atoms of he body or of any other object are taken to cover the meaning of the term Karma, to do. The change is perceived by the rapid flow of blood in the circulatory system towards the particular part of the body where the movement takes place. The range of action varies from physical to mental and from mental to spiritual by the quality of action differing in each case.

The conception of the action of the Karma yogi is a scheme of continuous doing consistent with his capacity and circumstances of birth. It is not like the method of knowledge where positive renunciation of every kind of activity in preference to a specialized mode of action. It is an understanding of the self by the self. With every breath and movement of
the cells within the body, the yogi understands the conception of the action of the school of wisdom and devotion. For a Karma yogi, there is a definite feeling of attachment to action but by no means to reward and more in terms of positive detachment to action with a heightened sense of control and conscious self-instruction to isolation (B.G. Tilak,
1919). This continued preparedness to act advances the capacity of the mental organs to greater cheer and thus makes us nearer to the goal.

This entanglement highlights the breakdown of Karma yoga in biological and philosophical aspects with scientific reasoning through a deeper understanding with our Yoga Master, Mr. Manoj Thakur. Only through a deeper understanding, do we reflect upon our asanas and mudras with the inner ability to reflect upon ourselves. For more information, you can research our table of contents of our Yoga Instructor Certificate Courses & Yoga Therapy Certificate Courses on our website.

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