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11 June: Evidence Based Therapeutical Integrated Yoga

Yoga is an ancient mind-body technique is defined as samatvam (balance / equipoise / homeostasis) at both mind and body levels to be achieved through mastery over the modifications of the mind (chittavrittinirodhah)

The available evidence indicates that yoga and/or meditation facilitates the coordination amongst the set of homeostatic responses involving the interaction among the nervous system, endocrine generation, and immune systems. There is a plethora of evidence and research papers available for the management of non-communicable clinical conditions and psychosomatic behaviors.

Therapeutic techniques of yoga have been reported to be beneficial against the management of acute stress of post-traumatic stress disorder after activities that are out of hand such as natural disasters, financial crises or in chronically stressed people with depression or anxiety, and in many non- communicable diseases such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Practice of yoga has been associated with increased immune-surveillance in terms of the modulation of the frequency of blood lymphocytes and RBC (red blood cells generation). Kamei et al. reported a significant correlation between the frontal alpha wave activation and the increase in NK activity during Yoga exercises. Post-yoga increases in IgA (an antibody isotope central to mediating mucosal immunity) in pregnant women also support the protective potential of yoga against invading pathogens. They also highlighted a decrease in serum cortisol levels during yoga exercise and their direct correlation with Alpha wave activation within the hemispheres of the brain.


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