23 May: Yoga for team building

eam building helps create strong connections with peers through forming bonds and connections. Creating these bonds and strong memories through team building exercises is very beneficial for communication –


05 Jun: Yoga – The Martial Arts against oneself

Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself – Nicolas Gregoriades, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist With the rise of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and several other forms of ­­­arts, mixed martial arts are becoming one of the top sports. However as coined by a very famous Jiu-Jitsu specialist Nicolas Gregoriades,

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05 Jun: Yoga For COVID-19 – Anadhija

According to SVYASA University Bangalore, the body’s 3 defense mechanisms against the invading virus are the cellular fighters, the antibodies and the anti-oxidants produced in peri-nasal sinuses during chanting of humming sound (Bhramari). The Yoga Vasistha, understands the role of mind in fighting the infection called Anadhija Vyadhi. How stress can aggravate the condition and lead to cytokine storm that is responsible for respiratory distress blockage of air sacs that lead major severities led by COVID-19 infection.


05 Jun: Yoga – The Philosophy of Action – Karmayoga – B.G. Tilak

It can be said that Indian ideologies, Hinduism and Hindu beliefs have become more available over the world in an accurate format. ­­It can also be pointed out that Karma yoga or Philosophy of Action is deeply embedded within us through the brief compass, Sanyasa, Bhakti and Karma, pointing towards the realization of the goal. The definition of Karma, as in Bhagavad Gita, is to do or to move.