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Yoga Instructor Certificate Course (200 hrs Course)

What is YICC?

The YICC course trains students systematically in Yoga Instruction techniques. It also integrates various aspects of Yoga: Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya (cleansing techniques) and the essence of Yogic literature and philosophy into a holistic composite, thus enabling the student to understand the concept of Yoga in its entirety.

The YICC Course is a flexible 200 hours certificate programme based on the model designed by the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana University or SVYASA (see www.svyasa.edu.in).

Vyasa Singapore’s vision is: Using the scientific principles of yoga to make the lives of everyone happy, healthy and peaceful. Sharing these principles with our students is of the upmost importance and we do so through our Yoga Instructor Certificate Course.

The course is truly insightful and empowering, designed not only to impart techniques of teaching Yoga but also to encourage the learner to begin their own journey of self-awareness and development.



The structure of YICC is based on more than 40 years of in-depth scientific study in the field of yoga by SVYASA. Research behind this certification programme largely follows the direction given by Swami Vivekananda, who declared that we need to combine the best of the East (Yoga and spiritual lore) with the best of the West (modern, scientific research) to bring harmony and peace on earth.

The objective of conducting Yoga Instructor Certificate courses around the world is to bring the holistic vision and the body of knowledge that Yoga is into people’s lives. The result achieved by Yoga practice is positive physical health, mental strength, peace and harmony, all leading to efficiency and growth. The course also aims to help solve problems of modern society and ideal social orders.

1. Philosophy of Yoga & Streams of Yoga
2. Basis of Yoga
3. Concept and Definition of Yoga
4. Streams of Yoga

  • Karma Yoga – Action
  • Bhakti Yoga – Devotion
  • Jnana Yoga – Knowledge
  • Raj Yoga – Will-Power
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga


5. Yoga Ethics

  • Yama – Set of Don’t
  • Niyama – Set of Do’s

6. Yoga vs Physical Exercise

7. Theory of Yogic Practices (Hatha and Ashtanga)

  • Yoga posture explanation from Patanjali Yoga Sutra
  • Pranayama – Detailed explanation for breathing including Chakras (energy centers)
  • Naadi – Explanation for channels of life energy
  • Kriya explanation for six cleansing techniques from Hatha Yoga
  • Meditation – Explanation of Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi

8. Application of Yoga

  • Self-Management of Excessive Tension (CYCLIC MEDITATION)
  • Chair Yoga

9. Yoga and Diet

  •  Concept of Yogic Diet

10. Teaching Techniques

  • Eight-Step Teaching Method for Yoga Postures
  • Art of Asana Sequencing for Kids Yoga, Corporate Yoga, Yoga for Senior Citizen (LESSON PLANNING)

11. Yoga Therapy

  1. Concept of “Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy” (IAYT) for Psychosomatic Disorders
  2. Pancha Koshas and Concept of Diseases

12. Anatomy & Physiology

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology including Musculoskeletal System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System and Digestive system

1. Breathing Practices

  • Hands In and Out
  • Hand-Stretch (90,135,180 degree)
  • Ankle Stretch Breathing
  • Moon Posture Breathing
  • Tiger Breathing
  • Rabbit Breathing
  • Dog Breathing
  • Alternate Leg Raising
  • Both Leg Raising

2. Joint Loosening

A. Lower Limbs

  • Toe Stretch or Toe Movements (Up & Down)
  • Ankle Stretch
  • Ankle Rotation
  • Kneecaps Lift
  • Knee Rotation
  • Half Butterfly
  • Full Butterfly
  • Waist Rotation

B. Upper Limbs (While sitting cross-legged)

  • Finger Stretch
  • Wrist Stretch
  • Wrist Rotation
  • Elbows Flex
  • Shoulder Rotate

C. Neck (While sitting cross-legged)

  • Neck Up/Down Stretch
  • Neck Side to side stretch
  • Neck side to side tilt stretch
  • Neck Rotation 1 (Clockwise)
  • Neck Rotation 2 (Counter-clockwise)

3. Sun Salutation (Traditional and Therapeutic)

4. Yoga Asanas (Yoga Postures)
A. Standing Postures

  • Ardhakati Cakrasana (Lateral Arch Posture)
  • Ardha Cakrasana (Half-wheel posture)
  • Pada Hastasana (Hand to feet posture)
  • Trikonasana (Triangle posture)
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana (Cross-triangle posture)
  • Parsvakonasana (Lateral angle posture)
  • Virabradhasana I, II and III (Warrior posture I, II, and III)
  • Vrikshasana (Tree posture)
  • Garudasana (Eagle Posture)
  • Natrajasana (Lord of the Dancer Posture)
  • Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Posture)

B. Sitting Postures

  • Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Forward Bend Posture)
  • Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana (Revolved Head-to-Knee Posture)
  • Eka Pada Pajakapotanasana (One-legged King Pigeon Posture)
  • Gomukhasana (Cow Face Posture)
  • Navasana (Boat Posture)
  • Vajrasana (Ankle Posture)
  • Sasankasana (Moon Posture)
  • Supta-Vajrasana (Supine Ankle posture)
  • Pascimatanasana (Posterior Stretch Posture)
  • Ustrasana (Camel Posture)
  • Vakrasana (Spinal Twist Posture)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist Posture)
  • Hamsasana (Swan Posture)
  • Mayurasana (Peacock Posture)

C. Prone Postures

  • Bhujangasana (Cobra Posture)
  • Salabhasana (Locust Posture)
  • Dhanurasana (Bow Posture)

D. Supine Postures

  • Setu Bandha Asana (Bridge Posture)
  • Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Posture)
  • Matsyasana (Fish Posture)
  • Halasana (Plough Posture)
  • Pavan Muktasana (Wind-Releasing Posture)
  • Cakrasana (Wheel Posture)

E. Topsy Turvy Postures

  • Ardha Sirsasana (Half Headstand)
  • Sirsasana (Headstand)

5 Relaxation Techniques

  • Instant Relaxation Techniques (IRT)
  • Quick Relaxation Techniques (QRT)
  • Deep Relaxation Techniques (DRT)

6. Pranayama (Breathing)

  • Kapal Bhati – Hyperventilation Breathing
  • Abdominal Breathing
  • Chest Breathing
  • Clavicular Breathing
  • Full Yogic Breathing
  • Nadi Shuddhi (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
  • Ujjai Pranayama (Hissing)
  • Cooling Pranayama
  • Brahmari (Humming)
  • Nadanusandhana (Sound Vibrations)

7. Meditation Technique

  • Cyclic Meditation

8. Kriya (Cleansing Techniques)

  • Nostril
    1. Jalneti (Water Cleansing)
    2. Sutraneti (Rubber Catheter Cleansing)
  • Stomach
    1. Vaman Dhouti (Vomiting)
  • Eye
    1. Jatru Trataka (Shoulder Gazing)
    2. Jyoti Trataka (Candle Flame Gazing)

9. Mudras (Yoga Gestures)

  • Chin
  • Chinmaya
  • Adhi
  • Bhrama

10. Bandhas (Yoga Locks)

  • Moola Bhandha
  • Uddiyana Bhandha
  • Jhalandhar Bhandha
  • Maha Bhanda

11. Yoga Therapy

  • Yoga for Back Pain, Chair Yoga

Flexible hours (students can choose to go at a slower pace or quicker pace depending on their availability)

Continuing education training hours by assisting and leading yoga sessions :for elderly people, Corporate classes, Kids classes etc (For more understanding discuss with the lead instructors)., under the guidance of Senior Yoga teachers and independently.



Year 2022

Weekdays Morning Batches

(Mon to Fri 9am to 1pm)

Weekend Batches

(Sat & Sun 10am to 5pm)


Feb to March

March to April


April to May

May to June

June to July

July to August


August to September

29th Aug- 23rd Sep 17th Sep- 30th Oct

(No class on 22-23rd Oct for Diwali)

September to October

26th Sep- 21st Oct

OCTOBER to November

31st Oct – 25th Nov

November to December

28th Nov – 23rd Dec 5th Nov to 11th Dec

Online Yoga Instructor Certificate Course

YICC Online dates for 2022

7pm to 9.30pm on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday ( Friday no class )

Coming dates –

  1. 15th Aug- 6th Oct
  2. 10th Oct- 1st Dec
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Yoga Therapy Course

“Starting my journey last year with YICC, it gave me the theoretical as well as practical foundation leading into my yoga practice and teaching today, including pranayama, asanas and relaxation techniques. I am very much enjoyed having Manoj as a teacher and being part of the Vyasa family. However, 1.5 years down the road I felt it was time to go deeper and that is why I joined in May YTCC. It is a truly fantastic program giving us the adequate background information connecting yoga with medical knowledge. I am very happy that I made this step forward to deepen my understanding and knowledge of yoga.”

Linda Kamae-Batch 260D (2018)

“The content of the program is very appropriate, and the delivery is also good. Manoj ji made sure we understood the topics fully. For better effect and understanding of the whole course, having Pranayama and Kriya early in the sequence of topics is what I would recommend. Some philosophies are complex and need more references for better understanding. The course has been helpful to know where I was and what changes in me. With this awareness my sleep is deeper, and breathing is longer than before. I have made friends with common interest. I wish I was able to observe more of my spiritual changes.

Patricia Serkumian-Batch 260D (2018)

“YICC program is complete. Philosophy of Yoga is interesting to learn. You learn from knowledgeable teachers. Extremely good quality of teaching practical. Just that I struggled with 8 step method and would have liked more simpler method for teaching asana.

Manali Shah-Batch 260D (2018)

“Content of YICC was very helpful, mostly everything was covered very nicely. I felt interested and motivated towards Yoga practice. All the teachers were great! Manoj ji explained the topics accurately and till we could properly understand it. Shivani ji also corrected the postures and guided us throughout. Admin staff is very helpful, and kind hearted. We were reminded of the sessions and schedule time to time. Our doubts were cleared. I had fun learning at Vyasa as everything was done systematically. I felt energetic and motivated to do Yoga. I really look forward to learning more from Vyasa courses.

Yumi Jodai- Batch 253E (2018)

“At YICC I learned that Yoga is not only Asana, but Asana can drive me deep into life energy. The practice of Yoga also helps in knowing what is important in life. As I study more, I can see benefits of Yoga in many ways. I already was practising Yoga before I joined YICC at Vyasa and knew that my body & mind could be refreshed by Yoga. But What I did was still an exercise only! Now I understand well that Yoga is a way of life. I am happy that I met wonderful teachers, batchmate as friends here at school. I hope to continue my Yoga Journey!

Aya Cox- Batch 264, JYICC (2018)

“I loved the way we were greeted on the first day of the course with Vyasa Yoga tote bag which carried text book and notebook. I could see how much Mr. Manoj cared for students. He is always helpful and gave us interesting stories apart from class contents. He held outing on Deepavali day even if it was special day for him. Teachers taught us in understandable way. I am confident now that I have learnt real authentic Yoga at Vyasa Yoga. I wish much more clear translation for Japanese batch. But still Ms. Emiko is amazing and helped us a lot. Admin staff also is friendly and always smiling. It is so kind of them to keep stock of biscuits, tea, coffee at the classrooms.

Neti Trivedi-Batch 263D (2018)

“The content of YICC is very compact and complete. It covers all the aspects of Instructors’ training very nicely. The knowledge of subtle points is imparted which is very much helpful. All the teachers are very good. It has been quite a journey of rigorous asana training with intense lectures. I can feel the transformation already. I made a lot of new friends of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The experience was very enriching.

Huang Shanshan-Batch 263D (2018)

“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very much useful. I learned a lot about Yoga. The 80 hrs were excellent, and I acquired great knowledge on Yoga theory. I also feel good changes in my physical body. I am more flexible and there is greater awareness. All is good. It would be better if time management can be improved.

Natacha Wexels-Riser- Batch 263D (2018)

“YICC course was very complete and allowed us to learn aspects of Yoga that were new, Pranayama & Kriyas. The teachers at Vyasa Yoga are wonderful. I enjoyed all the classes of Manoj, Shivani, Kuldeep and Ruchica. The delivery was fun and inspiring as well. The administration was flawless.
I would have liked to have more time for the second set of Asanas which Kuldeep did his best in given time. The course went very well; in fact, beyond my expectations. My wish to get a comprehensive overview on Yoga was fulfilled. Although there is still so much to learn, I feel at least I have full picture of the main components of Yoga.
At the course I also met with a group of wonderful people, that I look forward to deepening my practice with.

Kalyani Malusare (Neha)- Batch 263D (2018)

“YICC at Vyasa is just appropriate for beginners as well as for people who have been practicing Yoga. It gives clear Knowledge of Yoga.
Teachers are excellent. Manoj ji’s lectures are very informative and full of knowledge. Shivani ji and Kuldeep are great as teacher. They explained and taught us everything in detail.
I am happy that I finally could join this excellent course. I had wonderful batchmates with whom I enjoyed this journey thoroughly. The course has expanded my knowledge and I can now understand Yoga from different angles. The experience was great, and I look forward to continuing this journey and enjoy more!

Eunice Leow-Batch 263D (2018)

“YICC is an excellent course. Manoj is really knowledgeable, and I appreciate his honest and authentic sharing. Shivani is also very well-versed in all postures and teaches them well with many subtle points. Kuldeep is also very experienced and able to guide us with good pointers.
Admin staff is always helpful. I am truly glad I chose to take YICC at Vyasa. Location is great, people are lovely. I like my classmates too. Content of the course is scientifically backed. I definitely feel that I have learnt and benefited from the Course.

Marjorie Bocquillon-Batch 263(2018)

“YICC was interesting. Different topics were covered. Great teachers and their perspectives and delivery was much appreciative. The administration was very supportive and kept communication in group which made it easy for us too.
I wish for a better time management at the beginning of the course; as we had to really speed up for the last week. If possible, make the outing for a full day + 1 night to enjoy even more.
Overall it was a great experience and our group of classmates was amazing and friendly. The outing allowed us to know each other more and become real Yogi friends. Teachers highly encouraged solidarity in our group of classmates. It was more than just a Yoga Teacher Training. The whole journey and the process of learning was so enjoyable!

Eunice Leow-Batch 263D (2018)

“YICC is an excellent course. Manoj is really knowledgeable, and I appreciate his honest and authentic sharing. Shivani is also very well-versed in all postures and teaches them well with many subtle points. Kuldeep is also very experienced and able to guide us with good pointers.
Admin staff is always helpful. I am truly glad I chose to take YICC at Vyasa. Location is great, people are lovely. I like my classmates too. Content of the course is scientifically backed. I definitely feel that I have learnt and benefited from the Course.

Jake Maxwell Watts – Batch 255 (2018)

“YICC content was excellent. Much broader than I expected. It has expanded my horizons and for that I am grateful. The teachers each have their own strength. Manoj is entertaining and full of knowledge. He is a paragon of humility and enthusiasm. Shivani has mastered the art of precise delivery and quiet encouragement. Prashant is a model for yoga as a way of life and Kuldeep makes anyone feel capable at even difficult asanas. The administration was efficient and welcoming. Flexible to needs and timing. I very much enjoyed my experience. Most significantly I feel like I have found a way of life that has already helped me clear my head, improve my health and strengthen my body in ways nothing else has done. I am inspired so, thank you.

Arunamurthy pillay BATCH -247 (2017)

“Yicc contents are good . should organize more on the topics and schedule but I also enjoy the flexibility program delivery is good specially Prashant and his detail explanations .
Administration is perfect. Fun and joyous moment met a lot of different ppl with same interest the mixture of nationalities make you see different culture and understanding on yoga

Chermain Wong – Batch 255 (2018)

“The content of the YICC course was comprehensive and helped deepen my understanding. The teachers were knowledgeable and approachable. My experience was wonderful, insightful and enjoyable. Thank you!

Zhang Siyao – Batch 255 (2018)

“I like the discussions on the history and philosophy of yoga. The while program gives a comprehensive framework for learning yoga. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and friendly. They give constructive feedback on asanas and own teaching methods. The administration process was smooth, the office was very supportive by sending information and reminders. I enjoyed the course very much. Every weekend I looked forward to seeing my classmates and practice yoga together. There are a lot of practices I need to further explore on myself. All in all, YICC as been a good start of my yoga journey.“

Vivek Sharma – Batch 255 (2018)

“The content of YICC was systematic, details and scientific. The teachers were knowledgeable, practical and gave good instructions. I learned a lot about the philosophy of yoga. I liked the part about linking yoga to body and mind. I will apply this in practice and instruct others.“

Huinshan Luo – Batch 255 (2018)

“YICC contents are good for basic general knowledge. The teachers’delivery in on point. The course gives a good base of yoga and allows one to take part and go into further specialisation. I enjoyed the whole course, be it practical/theory.“


“Whole delivery of programme is amazing.so vast knowledge and so friendly and kind approach. truly kind and friendly staff It was eyes opening experience about yoga and indian culture. I have learned a lot and deepened my knowledge theoretically and practically. A big thank you.“


“The content of yicc was good and nicely explained. both manoj sir and shivani madam have good knowledge and demonstrated each posture well and also the advantages and disadvantages and how can a beginners perform all the postures. admin staff is very welcoming and helpful.it was a great journey overall. I made new friends with similar interest. practising yoga together was motivating& fun. got in –depth knowledge of on many topics.Helped me to improve my posture in and now I feel more confident in teaching.“

Lau Elaine Batch 229 (2016)

“The content of YICC allows us to have a very in depth understanding of why we practice yoga and how it helps us grow holistically. These few weeks of YICC have deepened my knowledge on yoga and its philosophy. I enjoyed it a lot.

Both teachers Manoj Ji and Teacher Shivani are very patient teachers.

They have patiently taught us and deliver the lessons to the best of their ability. They are very generous in the sharing of their knowledge so as to help us learn better. Both of them are very encouraging and always give us guidance to us so that we can perform better.

The overall administration is smooth and all related information are systematically delivered to us through the what’s app group.“

Sim Yong Li -Batch 233 (2016)

“Generally contents are quite complete except for Ayurveda session is too short .teachers are good explanations are clear, questions are all answered instructions are clear .arrangements of classes are organised. Admin staff is very helpful and friendly. Classmates are awesome. Classrooms are very comfortable. love the theory of yoga, proper ways of asanas ,deep understanding of yoga ,notes are sufficient manoj teaching is complemented, shivani is good in giving instructions and shown us poses.“

Kerin Ng -Batch 233 (2016)

“The theory is very in details and basically I am not aware of .great instructors to explain in details such as cleansing breathing &relaxation techniques. It has given me more practical experience. detailed info on asanas benefits and limitations. staff is very fast and friendly. I feel I learn a lot of things from this course. from poses to breathing which are taught step by step. Master manoj is very knowledgeable and very patient

Shivani’s instructions are in details while teaching asanas and showing postures.“

Delphine Corbin -Batch 233 (2016)

“Content of yicc is good. teachers in respect of program delivery are very good. Passionate about his topics .very well explanation. could be good to have a summary at the end of each session for theory spend less time to explain sometime. overall administration is good. I enjoyed these 7 weeks learning yoga with vyasa. I learned a lot about yoga & life. Sir manoj and shivani are excellent teachers, they provide a comprehensive overview of yoga sessions. I look forward to starting teaching.“

Mitsuha Irisawa -Batch 234 (2016)

“All the programs were quite interesting for me especially theories like “IAYT, THE BASIS OF YOGA and PRANAYAMA.” Teachers taught us very kindly.as I am Japanese, sometimes it different in understand what the teacher said / instructions but Japanese teachers (June & Midori) helped a lot. I learned what is yoga in this course.yoga is the way of life not only asanas , excercises  to be a good yoga instructor it is very taking important to understand yoga theory deeply correctly I continue to study experience yoga life . I love yoga.“

Kayo Kida -Batch 234 (2016)

“YICC is very good course for those who study yoga on any level from beginners to advanced level. through my yoga experience I would studied only yoga practice but in this course I could learn the philosophy of yoga, kriya and pranayama and that really helped my understanding of yoga deeper.

Master manoj conducted me and he helped me a lot to understand yoga. he explained with his own experience in his life and it helped me to understand what he says easily. On overall it was excellent course for me“


“My lifestyle and understanding about yoga has been changed.i learned what is basis of yoga through this course.i will use this simple techniques to help myself ,family and friends. Especially for myself,I am quite difficult to keep balance between my mind and reality life (its mean internal and external) yoga helps me a lot.Through yoga philosophy ,I understand why yoga is effective to the mind
Thank you master Manoj and Mrs Shivani,it was great experience ,and I will keep learning yoga..“


“Holistic approach of yoga,with very interesting reflexions and exchanges with master and the group.Very good energy and friendly atmosphere allowing openings,exchanges and freedom to express thoughts and ideas. Reboot foundations to build on for life into yoga.“

JOY-WONG BATCH-223 (2016)

“The 3 masters Manoj ,shivani & Prashant have very good knowledge of yoga,explains very well and are patient & understanding. the classroom environment is relaxing & facilities are good.my classmates are friendly & kind & we help each other. course programme is well designed by training students gradually to take/lead a class . by letting each student lead portions of warm up exercises & asanas ,it helps to lessen stage fright over the entire course. My trepidation over doing jala & sutra neti was dispelled by good guidance from Prashant & his helpers.and I actually enjoyed it !
Botanic gardens outing was also a good break & change of environment I enjoyed this course very much though it was little tiring to work and study throughout .i have learnt & great deal, thankx to you all.“


“This course has totally changed my perception of yoga.it was only about postures and a form I exercise to me ,but after attending the course I realised it was many more than a form of exercise. The instructors were dedicated , sharing not just theoretical Knowledge but life experiences.it was never a one-way teaching Which friendly debates were encouraged. I am glad I made the choice to join vyasa yicc,a non –regrettable choice!“

Roscilin Ratha Batch 219 (2015)

“I think the teachers are very helpful and clear in their instructions. I liked the content taught. The Course gave me a deeper insight into how Yoga is a science of the inner being and that as a part of nature; we are full of bliss and happiness.”

Damian Irina Batch 217 (2015)

“Actually the main reason for what I come all the way here is I was looking for peace for the way to get out from the stressful office life that I had. i found here a kind and very friendly people best teachers.so how when I have to live and give a look back I can say that I reach my goal to learn how to find peace calm and happiness,how to control my mind n body. i wanna thank a lot my masters manoj ji and shivani ji for their contribution in my life of yoga.”

Anu Khanna Batch 218 (2015)

“Entire course experience has been wonderful.my irritability levels have gone down & have learned to show down in every day activity.some asanas well challenge earlier but patience and persistent practice by masters helped to relax mind and achieve them better.this course gave a good learning of life too.also how to conduct classes.got denowledge on each asanas,its benefits.”


“This classes actually very good to me. I find that whoever want to take this course they should have at least a basic knowledge of yoga as in posture and the good and the bad in the simple way.

In this yicc  I experienced the different like what is about yoga the concept. i truly learned a lot especially the cleansing technique. I am very happy.“


“Entire vyasa staff was very helpful .the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.it was a joyful experience to learn what is yoga the basics,different practices and kriyas.special thankx to Manoj sir in being patient with us and sharing his knowledge with us. ?“


“The best training I’ve had! Manoj & Shivani are kind patient and accommodating.i came here to be a student again & relax and I fulfilled both .i am grateful for vyasa for its superb instruction and space for me to learn more yoga and meet likeminded others.
Thank you so much!!!“

Loh Yen Siang Maisie Batch 212 (2014)

“I think the teachers are very helpful and clear in their instructions. I liked the content taught. The Course gave me a deeper insight into how Yoga is a science of the inner being and that as a part of nature; we are full of bliss and happiness.”

Isnarti noordin Batch 217 (2015)

“This course gives me more indepth knowledge of philosophy of yoga.the course is relaxing and not stressful.the teachers are encouraging and supportive in the students learning.motivates me to study and practise yoga further.”

Emi Yamashita Batch 205 (2014)

“It is good for learning the basics of Yoga. Especially Theory learning is very beneficial to me. Trataka (for eyes) and Breathing techniques are also very good!
Before I took this Course, I practiced regularly, but sometimes I lost my Purpose of doing Yoga and wondered what it is about. I was reading books but I didn’t quite understand. However, after I took this course and finished my classroom training; I can understand what Yoga is…much better than before! At the same time I have found that I should practice more. One thing worth mentioning is; I got very precious Yoga friends, as my classmates in this Course!“


“This course gives me a deep understanding towards yoga.at first,yoga seems like a dynamic aerobics to me.now I understand the philosophy and ideas behind the science of yoga.Asana is just an aspect of yoga there are so many other limbs to guide the study of yoga such as yama and niyama now yoga makes more sense to me.it doesn’t just help me to be a healthier person but understand in a deeper way to find bliss,happiness in life.and I love my course mates as well ,so much fun with them.“


“This course truly a life changing experience.enjoyed every bit of it.felt like regaining the control of over the mind.especiaaly liked the theory sessions which were very interactive and stimulate more discussions.keeping everyone at ease was the most important aspect.understand most of the concepts.might need more practise for certain poses.overall great experience.“

SUSANA NG BATCH-220 (2015)

“I really enjoyed every single session.the teachers here are very experienced in the philosophy and very kind to us. Asanas-I am now more confident to practise at home( learning from studios has its risk I don’t know if my weak neck /spine can take any stress from incorrect posture practise) Philosophy- the theory is really interesting.a lot of eye opening concepts. Teaching-I am keen to share the practise and philosophy with family and friends..“

Catherine Chia Lee Hoon-Batch 269D (2019)
Batch 269D (2019)

The content of YICC is enough and interesting. At least now I understand more on the philosophy of Yoga. The teachers are good and clear in instructions and teaching. They are very supportive.

Tatyana Stepanova-Batch 267(2019)

The content of YICC is nourishing, enriching, very educations, develops self-confidence, helps to discover personal hidden potential, brings peace of mind and develops all-over personality. The teacher’s delivery of the programme is excellent and highly professional. The overall administrative of Vyasa Yoga is very good. The staff members are very approachable, knowledgeable, well-organized, cleared in requirements and instructions, very responsive and efficient, friendly professional. Keep on growing and going, expand horizons professional and personal.
Overall experience,

I love it, all of it! Methodology of teaching, knowledgeable presentation, communication, ethics and aesthetics of classes, human qualities of the teacher, dynamics and energy of teaching and learning. Thank you very much!

Pernille Jul Rasmussen-Batch 270(2019)

I find the content very interesting and serious. It is so important part of the object Yoga, that I now know about. The whole lifestyle, way of living.

The teachers are so passionated and dedicated, and so authentic. They are not just telling about yoga, they are yoga.

The administration have been so so so helpful to me. They reply so fast, are smiling and they made me feel at home, so fast. They show their personality.

My journey have been amazing. I feel that this info will be life changing for me. This course have opened so many new doors, that i am curious about knowing more about. I think this course is just the beginning of something which will follow me the rest of my life.

Lee Sien Fen-Batch 270(2019)

The YICC Content is Thorough, Systematic, informative, all I need to know. The Teachers Delivery is very lively, interesting. Can relate very well. The overall administration is straight forward, easy and clear cut. Administrators are very helpful and prompt. For the improvements, san update contents, especially the spiral notebook. Asana diagrams and written steps are often opposite and confusing. File notes can provide more explanation/description, currently too simple and few words.

Overall experience, great classroom environment. Good support from teachers and seniors(From earlier batch). Good teamwork from classmate. Good supply of teas, coffees and snacks. Felt well taken care of. Thank you.

Joanne Sng- Batch 240 (2014)

The content is suitable for fresh yoga beginner to follow through. Additional information could be added in such as why a person cannot do certain postures due to certain symptoms, he/she is having and the counter pose to it. The teacher demonstrated his knowledge on the asanas but theory portion could have been more informative than what can be found on the notes. The contents in the textbook can be more detailed. The addition workshop for Injuries and Prevention that I signed up is very useful and informative. Overall the course is informative or beginner yoga instructors. However more contents and information in the notes will be better. The school did a great job but administrative process can be improved tremulously. The yoga instructors and staffs are always very helpful.

Yuan Wenxin-Batch 271D(2019)

Found the YICC content from online. The teacher’s delivery and the overall administration is good. If it’s convenient, could Vyasa yoga arrange more activity to help students? Like outdoor yoga. Since three years ago, I went to gym to do yoga but after three years, i didn’t understand the main concept meaning about yoga, only doing posture. I think many people are the same thing as me “Yoga is exercise. Yoga can bring S-shape for you” but after i attended Vyasa yoga. I knew the concept of yoga and meditation. It is not exercise. It will increase your mental energy level. It will let your inner space more stronger. Yoga will be one part of my life.

Jeong Sung Hee ( Veronica)-Batch 271D (2019)

YICC content is fine but its better to have more practice. Theory is very much more than i expected this course. But theory was also nice part of the programme so i could learn about it well. Theory is new world to me .
The teacher delivery of the programme is very nice and learned a lot! New thought i didn’t realize. The administrative is good overall. I want have more practice programme during the course but i know there are 30 hours after the course but i expected more practice for the course. Overall experience, I could know about detailed information and posture. Vanaja was always good help and let us know about the posture very well. She corrected the minor mistake of our posture. Thank to her and Roxsanne teachers, Manoj and Shivani. Wonders teaching and kind so much. Thanks a lot.

Nikko Etemadian-Batch 271D(2019)

Find the YICC content on expat magazine. The teacher’s delivery is understandable, they make it easy for everyone to understand. Overall administration, it was a great journey. It can be more professional. It can be challenging

Neelam Singh-Batch 271D(2019)

I find the content very knowledgeable and helpful as far as health concern. Have comprehensive knowledge about yoga posture. Teacher’s delivery of the programme is clear well narrated. Given ample of time to assimilate the concept and always get the chance to check out doubts. Overall administration, they are helpful and providing all support to overcome the problems regarding attending the class or any other problem. It is well organised. It is always good to update so i feel if the centre can incorporate the few more yoga and postures. Would be more appreciated if get more style and forms of postures by increasing few more days of course. I really appreciate the way centre in helping each student to be perfect in yoga. Looking forwarded to get updated in coming days about yoga postures in our 120 hours. I should joined bit early this awesome centre.

Smita Sharma-Batch 271D(2019)

The content is vast enough for beginners like me. Postures were comfortable to do. Teacher’s instructions are full of knowledge, able to clarify the doubt. They are helpful and encouraging. The overall administrations is well organized and helpful. Some topics were quickly teached –Backpain. Can add Knee pain too which is quite common. Would be helpful if anatomy is also added.

Maeve-Batch 271D(2019)

Found the YICC content through friends. The course content is well structured. The teacher’s delivery is clear with good example. Both Manoj and Prashant are v. knowledgeable. The overall administrative is very informative and prompt replies. Course have been really fruitful. I came here with an open mind and I’ve learned so much now course had ended. You know an experience is life-changing when you can still feel it in your bones after it has ended. The course is exactly it.

Liz Manchee-Batch 271D (2019)

I enjoyed the course very much. Overall, I thought we would have focused more on the asanas but just have one instructor teaching. I found there were too many instructions in the room at the beginning. I thought Manoj delivered a very interesting program. And Roxanne & Vanaja did a great job of guiding us through the four weeks of training. The administration is extremely efficient. For improvements, perhaps another class with Kuldeep. I have loved doing this course and feel my overall understanding of the yoga has improved dramatically! Thanking Manoj, Roxanne and Vanaja!!

Catherine Bong-Batch 271D (2019)

Found the YICC through my friend, she was previous student here- Geraldine, she recommended me here. The teacher’s delivery is very good. Planning well. The overall administration is good, efficiency & very helpful. Firstly, I would like thank you to teacher Manoj, he is very good, patience teacher, he taught me a lot of philosophy, I respect him. Thank you to teacher Shivani, she is very kind, always smiling face, patience teaching us the asana posture, correct us the posture. I would like thank you Teacher Vanaja, she very helpful and patience, teaching us when we have problem. I would like thank you Roxsane, she is very nice person, very helpful and always give me support. I love her.

Lum Mooi Suet (Winny)-Batch 271D (2019)

The YICC content is very great and very details about Yoga. I learned a lot from this YICC class about postures, cleansing, theory etc. Teacher Manoj is a very good and excellent teacher. Vanaja is friendly and good teacher too. Roxsane is friendly, good and guide the class very well. Teacher Shivani is good teacher and friendly too. Teacher Kuldeep is very wonderful teacher too. The overall administration is good and excellent in handling question from student. They are very friendly and willing to help. Cleanliness have to be improve. Many ants on the floor and wall. I found this YICC class is very interesting and I can learn a lot about Yoga. I’ve zero knowledge about Yoga. After 1 month in YICC class i learn a lot about theory & yoga practical. I start to love Yoga. Theory part I love the most topic is the basic of Happiness. I like Sun Salutation for overall yoga because it’s included a dew postures in Sun salutation. I love and like all the teachers, admin staff and classmates. I’m grateful to have this good opportunity to join in YICC class. I’ll recommend to friend. Thank you.


YICC course was well arranged the course program for beginner to advance level. We gain lots of knowledge with only 80 hours. Manoj ji talk is fantastic. Always get people attention. Student don’t get bored with a lot of interesting stories. Shivani teaching also great. Her teaching style is quite strict but it is good for students as it keeps us on our toes in the learning. Dr Kuldeep class is also great. In the one-month course, I am fortunate to have Linda’s personal assistance. She provided lots of help and care as yoga partner. I am truly appreciative!

Roxane has been a great professional help in solving my daily learning challenges. She is fair and helpful to everyone


Content is excellent and the coverage is good enough to take yoga to another level. Manoj ji’s class was enjoyable and the philosophies are helpful for life. Delivery was nice and enough emphasis on the important points was covered. The whole Vyasa team was very responsive. Visiting Changi Aloha as a team was very exciting. I wish to join every such event in future. Individual attention was paid to every student which is really remarkable. I wish to be a part of Vyasa for my entire life.

Please make SVYASA visit as compulsory for all YICC students so that they will understand what is happening in the HQ and how effective yoga therapy is.


YICC content is well prepared and well covered in 4 weeks duration. The foundation is set in 80 hour course. Really appreciate the knowledge Manoj SIr and Shivani Mam has shared with us. The communication was clear and the doubts were cleared so properly with explanation.

Vyasa Yoga Admin is quite responsive and sends the information ahead of time to plan. Keeps us updated with workshop and classes schedule.

It was a great experience to be part of Vyasa YICC. It was like understanding the concept of yoga in depth. I could understand how doing the postures correctly could bring positive changes in your body. I could feel calmness in myself with less anger, better sleep and good feeling. I would recommend the course to my friends and family.


I love the program here in Vyasa which builded my basic from inside and outside. All teachers are nice, helpful. Vyasa administration is very good and they help like family. Almost after one month of YICC learning,  i am thinking of becoming yogi or teacher and learnt how to be more caring, grounded . Thank u Vyasa team, Manoj ji and Shivani ji. God bless.


Good mix of practical and theory allows students to have a good foundation in the asanas as well as gain a holistic understanding of the discipline. Manoj Sir is a charismatic teacher and makes the densely packed theory part of the programme more easy to absorb. Shivani Mam has high standards and this ensures that everybody tries their best.

I found the YICC experience to be quite enriching and that confidence and mastery of the asanas is a necessary outcome of this course. I am very happy doing this YICC program.


I had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning yoga from Manoj ji and Shivani ji. Like Manoj ji says “it is open door for me”. The programme is very well structured and in detail. Overall a good experience for me. Thanks Much.


The content of YICC is bringing us more aware of the scriptures of yoga. Taking us deep to the knowledge of ancient practices and stimulating and bringing us awareness to have daily practice of the knowledge. The overall administration of Vyasa was good. The teachers were very knowledgble and helpful.

The practice of yoga has really brought calmness in my mind. Day by day i feel more confidence in myself. It makes my day very bright and efficient. It has increased my efficiency of work and i have gained positive approach towards every situation and have started living and enjoying the present moment.


It was a great experience. The course fully met my expectations. Traditional somewhat spiritual and non commercial. I also enjoyed the outing to Botanical Gardens. The simple and subtle teaching techniques are so useful in engaging all types of groups even kids. The content is comprehensive. Enjoyed thoroughly.


Through YICC got a new insight into yoga. Usually we think of yoga as asanas but this has brought more clarity now. Manoj ji’s delivery of programme was very nice. Very respectful even if he did not agree to ones viewpoint.

It was a great experience that helped me rethink my priorities in life. This programme was a great step back to assess what I want to do with my life. I hope to practice all that I have learnt over the next 120 hours and feel confident about its benefits. I hope to help others with the knowledge I have received over the last 80 hours.


The overall experience has been very meaningful. It met my goal of understanding more about yoga and how to do asanas properly. I enjoyed every session although theory was sometimes long, The class was intimate and comfortable. I feel still that there is so much to learn. The content was good and very holistic as expected.


The whole course was very holistic. It covered all aspects of yoga as a way of living. My experience as a whole was very fruitful. I have learned a lot of things about yoga as a whole.


Many thanks to everyone in Vyasa yoga. It was a wonderful journey full of knowledge, self exploration and laughter. Teachers made this program very interesting and easy to follow, including a lot of debate and life experience stories made this course easy to understand.

I have followed many yoga classes in different studios in Singapore and knew many asanas also .. i wanted to know why? This course in Vyasa covered all my questions and those which were unanswered. I am really happy to do this course.


It is a good balance of theory and memory to engage both our body and mind to get connected with yoga. Teachers are very knowledgable and passionate. I joined YICC not to become a yoga teacher but to have a deep insight of the Yoga. I feel very happy and positive after each class. The course has changed me as a person .


I feel a different person after these 80 hours of YICC course. The content seems appropriate for 80 hours. I dont think anyone can explain better than Manoj ji. The administration is very organised and comfortably flexible at the same time. 3 sessions from Manoj Sir take you in a completely different space- so deep into the science yoga. Shivani madam is an expert in poses and asanas. All the others Shreyas, Kuldeep,Roxanne have added so much positivity to the entire experience.


Content delivery was systematic. What i enjoyed the most were the ancedontal examples and life advice given by Guru Manoj. Overall administration has been commendable. Lectures by Guru Manoj ji on yoga philosiphy has been especially enlightening. Madam Shivani’s practical yoga lessons were fundamental yet crucial for our growth as yoga practionerers. YICC has given me a paradigm shift and this serves as a solid foundation.Thanks to Vyasa Singapore Team.


YICC is covering many aspects of the topic from concept, history to all of the yoga knowledge. Manoj ji is full of knowledge sharing on yoga. Madam Shivani is very practical. I have gained a lot of knowledge and deepen my understanding of yoga. My confidence level has raised up after attending YICC.


Very clear, knowledgable and experienced teachers. It is a great insight, fun, easy to follow and complete course. It has exceeded my expectations and it has increased my interest on learning more about yoga.

(BATCH 304)

Contents of the course are very in depth and authentic. The course was elaborative and very satisfying. I really enjoyed my yicc course under vyasa singapore. I thank manoj sir and shivani mam for making us feel like a yoga family.teacher’s delivery of the programme was fantastically done. Very clear and detailed instructions of each topic. Teachers supported us very much in all aspects of learning and helped us to clear our concepts beit practical or theory. Adminstration of vyasa yoga is very well managed. Overall a good and supportive experience in terms of management.

My overall experience in vyasa singapore was eye opening. It wouldn’t be an exaggerate to say that no instuition in singapore delivers such a wide and authentic syllabus in yicc. Unlike other commercial organisations that only focus on asanas, vyasa teaches us real meaning of yoga that everyone can implement in life and get mesmerising results. At vyasa, we came to know that yoga is not just twisting and bending but in real terms it has more to do with internal peace and happiness and find our ultimate goal. Looking forward to pass on this precious knowledge to the needy people and expand my horizons in yoga journey.

(BATCH 304)

The yicc program is very structured and provides in depth practical and theoritical aspect of the yoga and content is very well explained and demonstrated. The teachers are knowledgable and very supporting always willing to clarify any doubts and provide guidance during the learning of asanas. Both master manoj ji and shivaniji compliment each other and are wonderful, highly experienced master of yoga teaching. Lessons taught by dr kuldeep were very knowledgeable and professionally delivered. The adminstation is very effective and very quick in responding. This course helped to pave the way for me to focus and achieving the real purpose of human life. Vyasa also encouraged me to share my life experiences and knowledge for other benefit and credit goes to my batch for this experience with versatile background and knowledge.

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