Yoga Instructor

Hi everyone ! I’m Gina
Before embracing yoga, I was hot-tempered, impulsive, judgmental, and often gave up easily. I used to overwhelm myself with tasks, detesting my own life and blaming everything. I struggled to achieve my desires and faced constant ups and downs, even contemplating giving up my life.

The magic happened when I discovered yoga. Despite being tired but yoga always brought fresh energy into my life. Prior to yoga, family crises had taken a toll on my health, leading to depression, headaches, lower , hypotension, and uncontrollable weight loss.

Fortunately, yoga entered my life, paving the way for self-discovery and healing. I realized that if I couldn’t love and understand myself, how could I expect it from others? My message to you is: love yourself more, let go of burdens, and embrace life’s gentleness to find true happiness.

Learn to be silent, listen, and reflect without judgment. There’s no absolute right or wrong; it’s all about perspective. Focus on the good in others, practice forgiveness, and release negativity. Every event in life has a cause, shaping you into a better version each day. Love yourself, share love and positive energy, and the universe will reciprocate.

After a period of practicing yoga, I became a better version of myself – more attractive, healthier, and happier. I attracted positive energy from all angles, and my life became fulfilling. Thank you, yoga, for connecting me with the universe, awakening me to life’s laws, and helping me find happiness every day.
Namaste 🙏!