Dr. Monica Jain

Dr. Monica Jain

Yoga Faculty

Dr Monica Jain is currently working as a faculty at Vyasa Yoga, Singapore teaching Yoga Therapy Instructor Course (YTIC).

She is a qualified medical doctor (MBBS) from India with about 20 years of experience as a practicing ultrasonologist. Dr Jain holds a postgraduate degree in Counselling and Parental therapy’ from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Delhi. She has successfully completed Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) and Yoga Therapy Instructor Course (YTIC) offered by Vyasa Yoga.

In her current role, not only is she teaching the YTIC course, but also is revisiting the structure and training content of the course in view of her strong medical background and experience in conducting several holistic care and wellness workshops. Some of these include:

  1. Mom and child workshop: Understanding your emotions and their effect on your body
  2. Promoting Well-being in young adults
  3. Find freedom in your relationships
  4. Introduction to various aspects of well- being
  5. Anger management Workshop

She is an explorer at heart and loves to learn new things. Her quest to find deep rooted reason behind psychosomatic problems lead her to keep expanding her academic horizon as by knowing physical body, its physiology, along with the role of subconscious and conscious mind,  helps people to understand their emotional, mental, and physical state, which helps in resolving their issue.

 Correlating, her medical and counselling knowledge, along with yoga therapy techniques she saw amazing results. It helped children with special needs, home makers, parents, teenagers, retired individuals and working professionals with issues like low self-esteem, dissatisfaction in life, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Yoga therapy helps to arrest the progression, improve symptoms and with dedication also helps in retracing the  lifestyle problems like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, thyroid, headaches, asthma, relief to cancer patients and many more.

Her  aim now is to empower everyone, enabling them to recognise their own issues with self, which start as a thought, get amplified as desires, urges and cravings. When wants and needs are not addressed, they start presenting on your body as physical problems.