60 Tessensohn road, #03/05 Singapore 217664

Feng Ling

Feng Ling is a yoga instructor. After her first YICC 200hrs teacher training in 2014 at Vyasa yoga & Ayurveda Singapore, she was obsessed with yoga and started her yoga practice and spiritual journey. She’s decided to share her experiences to everyone and taken 200hrs Ashtanga yoga teacher training at Tirisula Yoga in 2020 and started her teaching life. During 2020 she has completed TTC100hrs online Flow Yoga teacher training in Mandarin ; Yin yoga teacher training in Mandarin; Wheel yoga teacher training in Mandarin and, etc

She is teaching yoga in Mandarin at different yoga studios and even 1-1 / 1-2 private classes.She is a friendly and kindness teacher but powerful in teaching . Students enjoy the relaxation after the Asana flow.

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