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One of the gift that Lakshimi has given herself is yoga. 22 years ago, she discovered that she had a medical condition that gave her only a 10 percent chance of getting pregnant. She did not give up hope. She took up yoga and practiced specially modified asanas for her condition routinely. 3 months later, in 1998, she got pregnant with her first child. This is how her yoga journey began. She learned pregnancy yoga and altered certain poses to strengthen her back muscle. She also learned yogic breathing which helped her overcome her labor pain without any epidural. Today, she is blessed with three children.

In 2006, Lakshimi completed her Diploma in Yoga Therapy. This gave her the knowledge to alter yoga poses for people with medical conditions to make them feel more at ease without high usage of pain killers and medication. She is pre and post-natal Yoga Alliance certified and has been teaching it over the last 14 years. She is also trained in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. In addition, she is a certified Spencer’s Pilates and Aerobic Kickboxing Instructor.

Lakshimi constantly looks for opportunities to upgrade her skills and knowledge and enjoys forming relationships with her students so as to ensure they have a good, safe and fulfilling experience learning from her. Experienced, passionate and confident, Lakshimi is certainly an inspiration to yoga enthusiasts.



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