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Rita is a an experienced yoga instructor and yoga therapist from Vyasa Yoga Singapore under guidance of Master Manoj.

Her teachings include traditional hatha yoga, vinyasa and ashtanga yoga for beginners to advanced practitioners of all ages. She also provides one to one yoga therapy sessions for psychosomatic disorders like diabetes, low and high BP, insomnia, digestive disorders, cancer etc.

Her emphasis remains on getting to know your own body, mind and self. The classes focus on stretching, breathing, relaxing and gradually bringing overall positive changes in body and mind.

Rita firmly believes through her own experience that Yoga can transform one’s life. Yoga brings positive changes in body & mind. Through regular yoga practice one can prevent himself / herself from today’s modern ailment like stress, insomnia, depression and resultant disorders.

Rita is a mother of two girls and has found that yoga has helped her a big way personally to keep herself physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

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