Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself

Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself – Nicolas Gregoriades, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist With the rise of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and several other forms of ­­­arts, mixed martial arts are becoming one of the top sports. However as coined by a very famous Jiu-Jitsu specialist Nicolas Gregoriades, “Yoga is a martial art you do against yourself”. The fight is not against nature, the fight is against habits. Nature is there, every moment available to flow in, to become with it. But with a wrong pattern of habits, barriers are created to divide realities. The fight is against these habits, and unless they are destroyed, our inherent nature cannot flow, move nor can it reach the destiny for which it is meant.

Yoga never divides oneself, but still, there is a fight, the fight for your nature. Wrong patterns lay with a string of many habits that hinder the ability to move or flow spontaneously. These habits may look like nature to oneself due to strong addictions, some may identify themselves by them, however, it is not who they are truly

Through Abhyasa and highlighting the distinction clearly maintained in the mind, whatever that comes into oneself without reflecting the true self and is wrong has to be destroyed so that which is within you can flow & can flower. The fight is against yourself and with Yoga, it is possible to enter the arena with a clear mind and a clear vision. With meditation (one with the mind) & asanas (one with the body), one connects with their body of control to a great extent. With this Yoga Philosophy, Vyasa Yoga extends its abilities to help connect Yogis with themselves and extend their understanding of themselves through
scientific methods of denoting and breaking down their mindset to a purer and positive state.

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