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The Course Structure Was Comprehensive And Good. Although We Were Affected By Covid And Some Of The Classes Have To Be Conducted On Zoom, The Delivery Of The Programme Was Still Excellent. The Administration Was Good. The Teachers Were Very Informative And Knowledgable. The Yoga That I Learnt Was Authentic And Now It Always Remind Me That I Am Doing Yoga And Not Just An Exercise. I Am So Gld That I Took Up The Course With Vyasa


The Content Is Very Helpful And It Gives Me More Ideas About Yoga. I Like The Teaching Method. It Was Great Interaction And Explanation. As A Student It Was Great Being A Part Of Vyasa Yoga, Administration Accommodate And Interact With The Students So Well And They Are Very Approachable.

I Am Very Grateful To Have This Opportunity To Learn More About Yoga Which Is I Never Think That Yoga Is So Much Deeper Than I Thought And Taking My Classes In Vyasa Yoga Helped Me Grow And Explore Even Better. I Really Appreciate The Connection And Attention Of The Teachers Giving To All Of Us As A Student And I Met And Made New Friends.


The Content Was Sufficient For The Course. The Instructions By Teachers Was Very Systematic. Administration Was Very Good. It Has Been A Good 4 Week Course Of Classroom Study. I Have Multiple Issues And During The Course It Has Helped, Based On Theory And Exercises And Hopefully It Will Get Resolved.The Teachers Were Very Interactive Which Was A Plus Point For Me. I Hope To Continue My Journey In Yoga

My experience at vyasa singapore was extremely positive. I was hesitant to join yicc but after my first day i knew i made the right decision.my instructors were kind and patient and i felt very comfortable in class. The first 80 hours have been rewarding and i look forward to completing the rest 120 hours. I feel gratitude in my heart for finding vyasa!


The content is overall good. The delivery of program is very good. Manoj’s lectures are simple and easy to understand yet very powerful and eye opening. The administration is very friendly and family like culture. Learning about the philosophy behind yoga and getting to understand it as a holistic practice really made me think and reflect on my attitude towards life. In general, a lot of eye opening lectured from manoj that i found very powerful yet gives a very simple message on how to find happiness and focus inward. A lot of these learnings can be applied to my everyday life and will help me overall become a healthier and happier person


It was well organised and structured. All important aspects were well communicated. The content covered the fundametals of the subject. The delivery of the programme are clear and approachable. The administration is overall very good. I am glad i took the course. I feel that i have much better understanding and knowledge of basic yoga. The interactions with teaching staff and fellow students has been very friendly and suppoertive.


Very good and valuable content. Shivani mam was good too. She brings in a different yet effective style ensuring each student is doing the asana/ practice the way it should be done.the administration is very efficient and excellent. I really had a good experience and am sure it would have been better if covid time was there


The yicc program is very structured and provides in depth practical and theoritical aspect of the yoga and content is very well explained and demonstrated. The teachers are knowledgable and very supporting always willing to clarify any doubts and provide guidance during the learning of asanas. Both master manoj ji and shivaniji compliment each other and are wonderful, highly experienced master of yoga teaching. Lessons taught by dr kuldeep were very knowledgeable and professionally delivered. The adminstation is very effective and very quick in responding. This course helped to pave the way for me to focus and achieving the real purpose of human life. Vyasa also encouraged me to share my life experiences and knowledge for other benefit and credit goes to my batch for this experience with versatile background and knowledge.


Since i did not have the understanding on the basic underlying theories this course provides me the overview idea on it. Hence, i was able to follow the course properly along with a slod theoretical background. The practical sessions were properly organized so i was able to follow the teachings and practice them well. The content delivery is quite attractive. Master manoj explained all the aspects related to a single topic so as students’ it lead us to think and analyse more. Shivani mam and kuldeep ji’s practice sessions were clear and adequate in information.

I am grateful for the experience and knowledge given via this course. This course uplifted me in all aspects of my life. I am wishing all in vyasa centre good luck and to grow in time to come. Highly recommend vyasa


I actually had zero expectation so it really has gone above my expectations. The holistic approach and nature of this course has opened me up and set me on a new path. Learning so many life lessons and body awareness. Manoj ji’s humour/ experiences and wisdom brought yoga to life. Your chilled nature was something to get used to but the relaxed learning helped me. Shivaniji was very patient, clear and kind. Admin was so patient, reliable, fast and great communication. I will 100 % recommend it to my collegues and friends but the credit goes to my batch for this experience.


Contents of the course are very in depth and authentic. The course was elaborative and very satisfying. I really enjoyed my yicc course under vyasa singapore. I thank manoj sir and shivani mam for making us feel like a yoga family.teacher’s delivery of the programme was fantastically done. Very clear and detailed instructions of each topic. Teachers supported us very much in all aspects of learning and helped us to clear our concepts beit practical or theory. Adminstration of vyasa yoga is very well managed. Overall a good and supportive experience in terms of management.

My overall experience in vyasa singapore was eye opening. It wouldn’t be an exaggerate to say that no instuition in singapore delivers such a wide and authentic syllabus in yicc. Unlike other commercial organisations that only focus on asanas, vyasa teaches us real meaning of yoga that everyone can implement in life and get mesmerising results. At vyasa, we came to know that yoga is not just twisting and bending but in real terms it has more to do with internal peace and happiness and find our ultimate goal. Looking forward to pass on this precious knowledge to the needy people and expand my horizons in yoga journey.


I very much enjoyed the lectures and theory on the course. It was delivered by manoj in a way that was not only interesting but humorous and enjoyable. The programme was very well delivered. Both teachers had different roles that were appropriately allocated and suited their personality and delivery style. I particularly enjoyed the theory of the course and can see that manoj lives the theory which he is teaching. He was very patient with me and my particular challenges and i felt supported when i talked to him. The administration is very well organised


The content was very rich and interesting. The teachers are highly qualified and they explained each and everything so well. The atmosphere was great. I am already feeling the positive changes in my mind and body. Highly appreciate


I learnt the actual meaning of yoga in vyasa. Teachers were highly experienced and qualified. My experience was really really very good. It has changed my way of thinking in a positive mammer. I never wanted to miss manoj ji’s theory sessions. They are amazing. I feel so positive after joining yicc


The content of yicc is super. It included theory and practical equally which helps us to understand the concept and go more deeper in yoga journey. Teachers were well experienced and this showed on small feedback to improve posture and to correct the allignment. Adminstration also very efficient and supportive. Thank you, vyasa team, and my batchmates to start my yoga journey with full energy.


The content was very well organised and inspiring. I really liked the material that we learned. This has been an exciting learning journey. The instructions has been great with highly knowledgable instructors. The class atmosphere is fun and engaging


This course has provided me with immense knowledge. I feel less stressful and more peaceful in my journey. Adminstration amazingly organised and adminstered. The course start wowed me. I felt very comfortable and at ease and use to look forwardto come for lessons. I believe everyone should take this course to understand what yoga can bring to one’s life


The content of yicc is very well designed. It covers almost all the topics, so that after completing the course one is set to conduct classes. All the teachers are very professional and deliver the content of yicc in a very understandable way. I enjoyed each and every class online as well as offline. Administration of vyasa yoga is very well managed. For any query they respond very promptly. I never had to remind them twice if i had any query or


The course went deep to the roots of yoga. The teachers were very open to discussions on philosophiesbehind some of the sutras and most of the practices. I loved how they checked always if we had doubts at the end of every class. Vyasa yoga reminds me of a family. I love the openness, helpfulness and how ready the admin is to answer any queries or doubt. This was my best decision i have ever made. I love how vyasa encouraged me to cultivate the talent within myself and spread my knowledge to others


I think the content of yicc is sufficient and adequate for our learning. I learnt so much and this course has sparked my curiousity even further in yoga. Teachers delivery of the programme is fun, enjoyable and i learnt so much from each teacher. Whenever i had doubt the teacher would patiently clarify and that has helped with my learning so much.  The administration is excellent, detailed and very warm and approachable. Because admin explained to me so well that i was able to make a decision to come here at vyasa to start my yoga journey. Thank you so much


i learned so much more than i expected when i first enrolled in this program. Content is very well balanced, including not only asanas, but yoga theories, pranayama, trataka, and teaching techniques. You get a lot of chances to stand in the front and teach the class as well. It was great to be able to learn yoga theory in both english and japanese. The asanas demonstrations by ms shivani and dr kuldeep were very educational. The vyasa yoga administration team did a wonderful job making sure everything was in order. I believe by taking this course, it broadened my views on yoga as a lifestyle not merely an exercise. I am sure whatever i have learned from the teachers at vyasa yoga will help me throughout life and i hope to be able to teach some of the essence of this course to the people around me. Thank you so much.


The course is amazing. Loved the combination of theory, philosopy and practice.  For a yoga teacher training it is necessary to understand history, roots of yoga and yicc covered it very well. The classes were fun, interactive, engaging and most useful. I see yoga from a more holistic perspective. Thanks to teachers. Administration is well managed and very efficient. Highly recommend


I think vyasa is a very experienced training organisation. Knowing what to provide to students and how to train students, not only at asanas level but also train their mind set giving right instructions to build their expectations and awareness. Overall a very nice course. Much recommended!!!


Very important to focus on the concept and foundation of yoga – this is a big part of vyasa yicc! Manoj is very knowledgable and a wonderful storyteller. Manoj keeps us very relaxed and not stressed that helps to fully adapt in the content. Shivani knows so much about the asanas. Her knowledge and experience in yoga therapy is so beneficial. The administration is very flexible. It is a wonderful start of a new yoga journey. It made me curious and eager to learn more about the concept of yoga.


Content is super concised. Teachers are highly qualified and they deliver self lessly. No flaws in the administration. My experience is mind blowing


The content is very comprehensive. Teachers are very detailed and patient. The course has deepened my knowledge and understanding of yoga. It was a motivational experience. With lots of encouragement, patience from manoj sir and shivani mam and classmates my own neck, shoulder tension has beem relieved. Have been searching so long for remedies and yoga helped me solve my issues. Physically aside it has given me better focus and concentration, higher productivity such that i can do my work faster and effectively. Overall, the peace, calmness and lightness in my body is simply enjoyable


Content is nice. Teachers are very cooperative, understanding. They have sufficient knowledge to clear our doubts. They are never in a rush to finish the session. I like shivaniji teaching. Very crisp and clear. Manoj ji can make the session and discussion very interesting and light.administration is very nice, helpful and gentle. I am feeling super relaxed, happy fter joining this course.


It was an amazing experience for me. My only regret is i never started earlier, in my 30s. The content is very well explained, taught, and demonstrated. Thank you very much for helping me navigate through this yoga journey. Guru shivani and guru manoj are wonderful, experienced master of yoga teaching. Both of them are highly experienced in the teaching methods and very professional. A lesson taught by dr kuldeep too was very inspiring and very professionally delivered. I highly recommend vyasa school. The administration is very well organised. A big thank you to all of you. Guru teacher manoj and guru shivani have become the father and mother of yoga to us. A big thank you to dr nagendra and dr nagarathna for coming up with such a beautiful yoga, yicc.

Roxane has been a great professional help in solving my daily learning challenges. She is fair and helpful to everyone.


YICC content is well prepared and well covered in 4 weeks duration. The foundation is set in 80 hour course. Really appreciate the knowledge Manoj SIr and Shivani Mam has shared with us. The communication was clear and the doubts were cleared so properly with explanation.

Vyasa Yoga Admin is quite responsive and sends the information ahead of time to plan. Keeps us updated with workshop and classes schedule.

It was a great experience to be part of Vyasa YICC. It was like understanding the concept of yoga in depth. I could understand how doing the postures correctly could bring positive changes in your body. I could feel calmness in myself with less anger, better sleep and good feeling. I would recommend the course to my friends and family.


As a starter in yoga i found the content covers all the major topics. Shivani mam was good. Dr kuldeep made the class very fun, full of life. The admin is super friendly and very accomodative. It wwas very enriching experience. Learnt a lot about logic behind each asanas, reasoning and the science behind every practice. Yoga isaa a very vast subject and i am happy to have my foundation right in vyasa yoga. Highly recommend


Very well planned yicc course. It is well designed for people of all ages. When i joined the course, my self confidence and knowledge was very low but after taking this course and joining vyasa institute, my confidence level is high. This journey really transformed me. Big thank you to manoj ji and all the staff. Now i can share this experience with all my friends proudly.

Very traditional and original content. Mr manoj always gives us day to day examples of life in his lessons, which makes the classes so interesting. The staff is very friendly and always go out of their way to make sure students are happy and satisfied. Mr manoj and madam shivani are so experienced and well informed. They take all the trouble to see that we have understood and can perform well in class. I am definitely going to pursue further courses with vyasa singapore under the guidance of mr manoj and ms shivani, and also dr kuldeep. Thank you.


Through YICC got a new insight into yoga. Usually we think of yoga as asanas but this has brought more clarity now. Manoj ji’s delivery of programme was very nice. Very respectful even if he did not agree to ones viewpoint.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning yoga from Manoj ji and Shivani ji. Like Manoj ji says “it is open door for me”. The programme is very well structured and in detail. Overall a good experience for me. Thanks Much.


Required any assistance. It was one of the most enjoyable journey of my life.i felt like family at vyasa. I am grateful that i have joined yicc and it will be like a turning point in my life.

Yoga is a journey that will constantly giving me challenges and uncovering my own potentials. YICC has been an important part of my journey in discovering, practicing and teaching Yoga. The people I met along the way in Vyasa has also made the entire journey interesting, enjoyable and memorable.”


“YICC has been one of the best investments I made in life. Not only I get a deeper understanding about Yoga, which deepens my passion in Yoga, it also gives me a greater confidence in my own practices as well. The YICC is very well structured with very able instructors like Master Manoj ji, Madam Shivani and Dr Kuldeep. All of them has gone beyond the scope of the course that provides me with much valuable knowledge and techniques, allowing me to gain that confidence to instruct and teach in the future.

Yoga is a journey that will constantly giving me challenges and uncovering my own potentials. YICC has been an important part of my journey in discovering, practicing and teaching Yoga. The people I met along the way in Vyasa has also made the entire journey interesting, enjoyable and memorable.”


The course content is very informative and to the point. It was very good when teachers taught us through demonstrations and corrected our postures through out the practice. The vyasa staffs were very good and easy to contact .it was an awesome experience . I really enjoyed it. Manoj sir and shivani mam are very knowledgable . Richa was very helpful in coordinating and providing all the informations. I will highly recommend vyasa singapore for yicc course.


Through YICC got a new insight into yoga. Usually we think of yoga as asanas but this has brought more clarity now. Manoj ji’s delivery of programme was very nice. Very respectful even if he did not agree to ones viewpoint.

It was a great experience that helped me rethink my priorities in life. This programme was a great step back to assess what I want to do with my life. I hope to practice all that I have learnt over the next 120 hours and feel confident about its benefits. I hope to help others with the knowledge I have received over the last 80 hours.

SOUMEE ROY, BATCH-281 (2019)

Content of yicc is dense and qualitative. The method is clear. The genuine content makes the class even more appreciable. The overall administration of vyasa is well structured and organised.i enjoyed the clarity of the instructors and the availability of the staff. I enjoyed being immerged in the full bangalore teaching technique practice bringing more understanding about the real purpose of yoga and its therapeutic delivery. The authencity of the class and the availability of all the vyasa team members bring good vibrations and positive mindset to all the process. I loved it


YICC course was well arranged the course program for beginner to advance level. We gain lots of knowledge with only 80 hours. Manoj ji talk is fantastic. Always get people attention. Student don’t get bored with a lot of interesting stories. Shivani teaching also great. Her teaching style is quite strict but it is good for students as it keeps us on our toes in the learning. Dr Kuldeep class is also great. In the one-month course, I am fortunate to have Linda’s personal assistance. She provided lots of help and care as yoga partner. I am truly appreciative!

Roxane has been a great professional help in solving my daily learning challenges. She is fair and helpful to everyone.

MIKA KAWARAI –278D (2019)

Many thanks to everyone in Vyasa yoga. It was a wonderful journey full of knowledge, self exploration and laughter. Teachers made this program very interesting and easy to follow, including a lot of debate and life experience stories made this course easy to understand.

I have followed many yoga classes in different studios in Singapore and knew many asanas also .. i wanted to know why? This course in Vyasa covered all my questions and those which were unanswered. I am really happy to do this course.


Yicc course contents are well covered. The subject is well explained. Yoga concept is clearly explained by mr manoj. Madam shivani clearly explained the asanas and other practices. So all in all excellent! Admin was straight forward and efficient. I found the course very useful. It has given me a lot more insight on yoga definitions, concept and othe ryoga practices. The fundamentals were clearly explained. The logic used for conducting various yoga practices were also very clearly explained plus are very valid for us and our lifestyle. I also appreciate the fact that vyasa school is affliated to the bangalore yoga university which is very research driven. Hence both science and technology applied in the field of yoga in 21st century is totally valid. I am truly grateful to vyasa team


I love the program here in Vyasa which builded my basic from inside and outside. All teachers are nice, helpful. Vyasa administration is very good and they help like family. Almost after one month of YICC learning,  i am thinking of becoming yogi or teacher and learnt how to be more caring, grounded . Thank u Vyasa team, Manoj ji and Shivani ji. God bless.


Content delivery was systematic. What i enjoyed the most were the ancedontal examples and life advice given by Guru Manoj. Overall administration has been commendable. Lectures by Guru Manoj ji on yoga philosiphy has been especially enlightening. Madam Shivani’s practical yoga lessons were fundamental yet crucial for our growth as yoga practionerers. YICC has given me a paradigm shift and this serves as a solid foundation.Thanks to Vyasa Singapore Team.

SHARON, BATCH- 280 (2019)

Content is excellent and the coverage is good enough to take yoga to another level. Manoj ji’s class was enjoyable and the philosophies are helpful for life. Delivery was nice and enough emphasis on the important points was covered. The whole Vyasa team was very responsive. Visiting Changi Aloha as a team was very exciting. I wish to join every such event in future. Individual attention was paid to every student which is really remarkable. I wish to be a part of Vyasa for my entire life.

Please make SVYASA visit as compulsory for all YICC students so that they will understand what is happening in the HQ and how effective yoga therapy is.


The content of YICC is bringing us more aware of the scriptures of yoga. Taking us deep to the knowledge of ancient practices and stimulating and bringing us awareness to have daily practice of the knowledge. The overall administration of Vyasa was good. The teachers were very knowledgble and helpful.

The practice of yoga has really brought calmness in my mind. Day by day i feel more confidence in myself. It makes my day very bright and efficient. It has increased my efficiency of work and i have gained positive approach towards every situation and have started living and enjoying the present moment.

MONA RAJPAL, BATCH- 281 (2019)

Found the YICC through my friend, she was previous student here- Geraldine, she recommended me here. The teacher’s delivery is very good. Planning well. The overall administration is good, efficiency & very helpful. Firstly, I would like thank you to teacher Manoj, he is very good, patience teacher, he taught me a lot of philosophy, I respect him. Thank you to teacher Shivani, she is very kind, always smiling face, patience teaching us the asana posture, correct us the posture. I would like thank you Teacher Vanaja, she very helpful and patience, teaching us when we have problem. I would like thank you Roxsane, she is very nice person, very helpful and always give me support. I love her.


Good mix of practical and theory allows students to have a good foundation in the asanas as well as gain a holistic understanding of the discipline. Manoj Sir is a charismatic teacher and makes the densely packed theory part of the programme more easy to absorb. Shivani Mam has high standards and this ensures that everybody tries their best.

I found the YICC experience to be quite enriching and that confidence and mastery of the asanas is a necessary outcome of this course. I am very happy doing this YICC program.


The overall experience has been very meaningful. It met my goal of understanding more about yoga and how to do asanas properly. I enjoyed every session although theory was sometimes long, The class was intimate and comfortable. I feel still that there is so much to learn. The content was good and very holistic as expected.


The content is vast enough for beginners like me. Postures were comfortable to do. Teacher’s instructions are full of knowledge, able to clarify the doubt. They are helpful and encouraging. The overall administrations is well organized and helpful. Some topics were quickly teached –Backpain. Can add Knee pain too which is quite common. Would be helpful if anatomy is also added.


It is a good balance of theory and memory to engage both our body and mind to get connected with yoga. Teachers are very knowledgable and passionate. I joined YICC not to become a yoga teacher but to have a deep insight of the Yoga. I feel very happy and positive after each class. The course has changed me as a person .

ZHU SIJING , BATCH-268 (2019)

YICC is covering many aspects of the topic from concept, history to all of the yoga knowledge. Manoj ji is full of knowledge sharing on yoga. Madam Shivani is very practical. I have gained a lot of knowledge and deepen my understanding of yoga. My confidence level has raised up after attending YICC.


YICC content is fine but its better to have more practice. Theory is very much more than i expected this course. But theory was also nice part of the programme so i could learn about it well. Theory is new world to me . ^v^
The teacher delivery of the programme is very nice and learned a lot! New thought i didn’t realize. The administrative is good overall. I want have more practice programme during the course but i know there are 30 hours after the course but i expected more practice for the course. Overall experience, I could know about detailed information and posture. Vanaja was always good help and let us know about the posture very well. She corrected the minor mistake of our posture. Thank to her and Roxsanne teachers, Manoj and Shivani. Wonders teaching and kind so much. Thanks a lot.


It was a great experience. The course fully met my expectations. Traditional somewhat spiritual and non commercial. I also enjoyed the outing to Botanical Gardens. The simple and subtle teaching techniques are so useful in engaging all types of groups even kids. The content is comprehensive. Enjoyed thoroughly.

KRIS LEE, BATCH- 281 (2019)

I enjoyed the course very much. Overall, I thought we would have focused more on the asanas but just have one instructor teaching. I found there were too many instructions in the room at the beginning. I thought Manoj delivered a very interesting program. And Roxanne & Vanaja did a great job of guiding us through the four weeks of training. The administration is extremely efficient. For improvements, perhaps another class with Kuldeep. I have loved doing this course and feel my overall understanding of the yoga has improved dramatically! Thanking Manoj, Roxanne and Vanaja!!


The YICC Content is Thorough, Systematic, informative, all I need to know. The Teachers Delivery is very lively, interesting. Can relate very well. The overall administration is straight forward, easy and clear cut. Administrators are very helpful and prompt. For the improvements, san update contents, especially the spiral notebook. Asana diagrams and written steps are often opposite and confusing. File notes can provide more explanation/description, currently too simple and few words.

Overall experience, great classroom environment. Good support from teachers and seniors(From earlier batch). Good teamwork from classmate. Good supply of teas, coffees and snacks. Felt well taken care of. Thank you.


I feel a different person after these 80 hours of YICC course. The content seems appropriate for 80 hours. I dont think anyone can explain better than Manoj ji. The administration is very organised and comfortably flexible at the same time. 3 sessions from Manoj Sir take you in a completely different space- so deep into the science yoga. Shivani madam is an expert in poses and asanas. All the others Shreyas, Kuldeep,Roxanne have added so much positivity to the entire experience.


I find the content very knowledgeable and helpful as far as health concern. Have comprehensive knowledge about yoga posture. Teacher’s delivery of the programme is clear well narrated. Given ample of time to assimilate the concept and always get the chance to check out doubts. Overall administration, they are helpful and providing all support to overcome the problems regarding attending the class or any other problem. It is well organised. It is always good to update so i feel if the centre can incorporate the few more yoga and postures. Would be more appreciated if get more style and forms of postures by increasing few more days of course. I really appreciate the way centre in helping each student to be perfect in yoga. Looking forwarded to get updated in coming days about yoga postures in our 120 hours. I should joined bit early this awesome centre.


The content of YICC is nourishing, enriching, very educations, develops self-confidence, helps to discover personal hidden potential, brings peace of mind and develops all-over personality. The teacher’s delivery of the programme is excellent and highly professional. The overall administrative of Vyasa Yoga is very good. The staff members are very approachable, knowledgeable, well-organized, cleared in requirements and instructions, very responsive and efficient, friendly professional. Keep on growing and going, expand horizons professional and personal.
Overall experience,

I love it, all of it! Methodology of teaching, knowledgeable presentation, communication, ethics and aesthetics of classes, human qualities of the teacher, dynamics and energy of teaching and learning. Thank you very much!


The YICC content is very great and very details about Yoga. I learned a lot from this YICC class about postures, cleansing, theory etc. Teacher Manoj is a very good and excellent teacher. Vanaja is friendly and good teacher too. Roxsane is friendly, good and guide the class very well. Teacher Shivani is good teacher and friendly too. Teacher Kuldeep is very wonderful teacher too. The overall administration is good and excellent in handling question from student. They are very friendly and willing to help. Cleanliness have to be improve. Many ants on the floor and wall. I found this YICC class is very interesting and I can learn a lot about Yoga. I’ve zero knowledge about Yoga. After 1 month in YICC class i learn a lot about theory & yoga practical. I start to love Yoga. Theory part I love the most topic is the basic of Happiness. I like Sun Salutation for overall yoga because it’s included a dew postures in Sun salutation. I love and like all the teachers, admin staff and classmates. I’m grateful to have this good opportunity to join in YICC class. I’ll recommend to friend. Thank you.


Found the YICC content from online. The teacher’s delivery and the overall administration is good. If it’s convenient, could Vyasa yoga arrange more activity to help students? Like outdoor yoga. Since three years ago, I went to gym to do yoga but after three years, i didn’t understand the main concept meaning about yoga, only doing posture. I think many people are the same thing as me “Yoga is exercise. Yoga can bring S-shape for you” but after i attended Vyasa yoga. I knew the concept of yoga and meditation. It is not exercise. It will increase your mental energy level. It will let your inner space more stronger. Yoga will be one part of my life.


“The content of the program is very appropriate, and the delivery is also good. Manoj ji made sure we understood the topics fully. For better effect and understanding of the whole course, having Pranayama and Kriya early in the sequence of topics is what I would recommend. Some philosophies are complex and need more references for better understanding. The course has been helpful to know where I was and what changes in me. With this awareness my sleep is deeper, and breathing is longer than before. I have made friends with common interest. I wish I was able to observe more of my spiritual changes.


Found the YICC content through friends. The course content is well structured. The teacher’s delivery is clear with good example. Both Manoj and Prashant are v. knowledgeable. The overall administrative is very informative and prompt replies. Course have been really fruitful. I came here with an open mind and I’ve learned so much now course had ended. You know an experience is life-changing when you can still feel it in your bones after it has ended. The course is exactly it.

MAEVE-BATCH 271D(2019)

I like it very much. Extremely good background to philosophy, history and schools of yoga. Opened my mind to practices I would not have tried. I learnt a huge amount. The teachers are very knowledgeable, good delivery, warm, kind, funny, ensures students understand and usually taught form the heart. Also, a good level of discipline so that we feel relaxed but kept on track with good authority. Good pace.
Great team! Great we of whats app groups. Keep informed. Questions always answered promptly and efficiently. Only suggestion is made time for demonstration and feedback for each other.
For example, when we learnt the 8 steps techniques we are not talking and describing enough in time. So i would like the teachers to give more input into what we do well and what we could improve on, and encourage our peers to tell us the practical exam. I would like feedback on.
I began the course with a good understanding of many different Asanas but the some aspects were lacking that is what I wanted to learn it gave me that and much more. I wanted to incorporate yoga into my daily life and now i do. Even if it is just the same breathing exercises, I find the time. I am much more aware of my body and my mind and how to control more to benefit my general health. I have observed many changes and I am looking forward to continuing absorb these changes as i develop as a practice. My son told me yesterday that i have now became like into his football! That i only really want to do talk yoga and its true! I have to be mindful of this obsession! I will keep you informed of these changes.


“I feel YICC at Vyasa Yoga is structured and comprehensive. Manoj ji is very knowledgeable and clear in delivering the theories/concepts. Even the ones which are very difficult concepts, he gives good, interesting examples to ensure student understand the topic well. All the teachers are very patient and give clear, concise and precise instructions to the students; be it theory or practical. The course provides detailed step by step guide that help students in the learning. Vyasa Yoga allows flexibility in course timing to cater to the needs of the student. The environment of Vyasa Yoga Centre is beautiful and conducive for Yoga practice. The classes are relaxing and fun, which would not have been possible without the participation of the teachers, assistants, and classmates. The assignments, reports, presentation and written exam that are part of course, help students to deepen their understanding. I enjoyed this journey. So happy to have signed up for the YICC and being a part of Vyasa family. Thanks to Manoj, Shivani, Kuldeep, all the assistant teachers and batchmates for creating such a wonderful experience!


Find the YICC content on expat magazine. The teacher’s delivery is understandable, they make it easy for everyone to understand. Overall administration, it was a great journey. It can be more professional. It can be challenging


YICC at Vyasa Yoga is broad and more than what we expected. At first the pace of the programme was very slow starting with breathing & joints loosening. We took turn to master these practices. At first these seemed awkwardly slow, however, I think this is where I was transformed. The idea is, you need to do just one thing well, and that is brilliant. Admin is friendly and relaxing. Only thing I would like the staff to be more connected to students. Sitting on the ground was a bit uncomfortable but we can change positions and drink water, coffee. So, it was all fine. It is very kind to keep snacks and tea, coffee for us to consume?.

The entire experience was a process of transformation. It was challenge and it took time and patience. The transforming of an inner self is never a comfortable one, I fight myself every day. Now I have started to apply Yoga into my lifestyle and it also helps me with my teaching in dancing. At first you will want to show people that you can do Yoga pose and teach. In the end, I learn when I am good, I won’t be in rush to show what I can do. I’ll be calm and chilling instead. It you have the light, you shall shine naturally!


“At YICC I learned that Yoga is not only Asana, but Asana can drive me deep into life energy. The practice of Yoga also helps in knowing what is important in life. As I study more, I can see benefits of Yoga in many ways. I already was practising Yoga before I joined YICC at Vyasa and knew that my body & mind could be refreshed by Yoga. But What I did was still an exercise only! Now I understand well that Yoga is a way of life. I am happy that I met wonderful teachers, batchmate as friends here at school. I hope to continue my Yoga Journey!


The content is suitable for fresh yoga beginner to follow through. Additional information could be added in such as why a person cannot do certain postures due to certain symptoms, he/she is having and the counter pose to it. The teacher demonstrated his knowledge on the asanas but theory portion could have been more informative than what can be found on the notes. The contents in the textbook can be more detailed. The addition workshop for Injuries and Prevention that I signed up is very useful and informative. Overall the course is informative or beginner yoga instructors. However more contents and information in the notes will be better. The school did a great job but administrative process can be improved tremulously. The yoga instructors and staffs are always very helpful.

JOANNE SNG- BATCH 240 (2014)

“YICC at Vyasa is just appropriate for beginners as well as for people who have been practicing Yoga. It gives clear Knowledge of Yoga.
Teachers are excellent. Manoj ji’s lectures are very informative and full of knowledge. Shivani ji and Kuldeep are great as teacher. They explained and taught us everything in detail.
I am happy that I finally could join this excellent course. I had wonderful batchmates with whom I enjoyed this journey thoroughly. The course has expanded my knowledge and I can now understand Yoga from different angles. The experience was great, and I look forward to continuing this journey and enjoy more!


I find the content very interesting and serious. It is so important part of the object Yoga, that I now know about. The whole lifestyle, way of living.

The teachers are so passionated and dedicated, and so authentic. They are not just telling about yoga, they are yoga.

The administration have been so so so helpful to me. They reply so fast, are smiling and they made me feel at home, so fast. They show their personality.

My journey have been amazing. I feel that this info will be life changing for me. This course have opened so many new doors, that i am curious about knowing more about. I think this course is just the beginning of something which will follow me the rest of my life.


The YICC content is very broad and touching many topics, some of them going deeper, some giving a good overview. Whether it was theory by Manoj, practice with Shivani and Kuldeep, all give a certain way to transmit Yoga and inspiration for my future yoga teaching. They provide good tips and share their knowledge with us. They are supported very well by other assistant teachers. I would like to suggest some modifications in the notes to go along with the text book regarding asanas. It would also be great to have detailed discussion on the 120 hrs report and work sheets, assignments etc. Even if all these things are mentioned to us, we tend to lose track on that considering the amount of information we receive within a month! Administration is efficient from registration to class organization to maintenance of the classrooms. Overall it was great learning experience. Received a lot of knowledge on a wide range of topics. It was good immersion into Yoga, the concepts, definitions, practices. I learned a lot about myself during this course. I can balance my emotions. Thanks everyone for the great support.!


“I loved the philosophy of Yoga covered in YICC. You feel at home when you are at Vyasa Yoga. This friendly, cosy atmosphere makes YICC so much effective place of learning! Each teacher has unique point to make. These different approaches give extra dimension which is good to get thorough understanding of the topic.
The administration was quick in response and the information given was clear. Truly appreciate it.
Only thing I wish that we were given a monthly or weekly schedule which would have made time planning easier for us.
I am quite satisfied with the program for the 80hrs classroom training and I believe that Vyasa’s teachers and staff will help me achieve my 120 hrs towards field work.
I have faith in Vyasa school as it is an established entity and always supports students in any kind of situation.
I really enjoyed each class. Teachers are so interesting that gives me motivation. Thank you very much!


The content of YICC is enough and interesting. At least now I understand more on the philosophy of Yoga. The teachers are good and clear in instructions and teaching. They are very supportive.


“YICC program is complete. Philosophy of Yoga is interesting to learn. You learn from knowledgeable teachers. Extremely good quality of teaching practical. Just that I struggled with 8 step method and would have liked more simpler method for teaching asana.


“YICC at Vyasa is extremely good as the syllabus has background of philosophy, history and schools of Yoga. I learnt a huge amount and it has opened my mind to Yoga practice. The teachers are very knowledgeable, warm and kind; ensuring that students understand. The pace of training is good, and the level of discipline is maintained with remarkable authority. The students feel relaxed yet on track. The admin team is great. They make good use of WhatsApp groups to keep students well informed. Questions are always answered promptly and efficiently.
I wish we had more time for demonstration. I began the course with a good understanding of asanas. I needed to learn the other aspects which were lacking in my practice. This course gave me mat and much more. Now I can incorporate Yoga into my daily life. I am becoming more aware of my body and my mind with routine practice. I know how to perform it to benefit my general health. I have observed many changes and will continue to do so as I practice more and more.


“YICC content is very thorough given the short time of course. It covers lot many topics. Master Manoj ji always makes learning very interesting with real life anecdotes, funny stories and his own experiences. Shivani ji goes into details of techniques for learning postures and other practical topics. Kuldeep ji is very good in both theory & practice. He gives extra information which is beyond the scope. Administration is very helpful and efficient.
I wish to have learnt some more postures in the course which will be useful when I start to teach.
In all it has been a wonderful experience. Vyasa I s like one big family. I got to meet so many wonderful people like my batchmates and teachers. The best part is that this relationship does not end after 4 weeks’ classroom training. You can keep coming here for classes. Each class allows us to learn so much more.


“I have found YICC program very interesting where I learnt a lot of new information. The teachers were knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging. The administration was friendly. The whole experience was refreshing, enjoyable and interesting. Very nice environment with friendly people around!


“Content of YICC was very helpful, mostly everything was covered very nicely. I felt interested and motivated towards Yoga practice. All the teachers were great! Manoj ji explained the topics accurately and till we could properly understand it. Shivani ji also corrected the postures and guided us throughout. Admin staff is very helpful, and kind hearted. We were reminded of the sessions and schedule time to time. Our doubts were cleared. I had fun learning at Vyasa as everything was done systematically. I felt energetic and motivated to do Yoga. I really look forward to learning more from Vyasa courses.


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very much useful. I learned a lot about Yoga. The 80 hrs were excellent, and I acquired great knowledge on Yoga theory. I also feel good changes in my physical body. I am more flexible and there is greater awareness. All is good. It would be better if time management can be improved.


“YICC content is interesting in terms of philosophy. In respect of anatomy I expected in depth syllabus. All the teachers were good in Yoga knowledge by their own way and were able to hold my attention throughout the course. The admin staff is generally very pleasant and try to be helpful. I feel that some procedures need improvement.
I have become more passionate and inclined to follow the path of Yoga. I wish to help others on this path too.
As I apply the principles and perform Yoga asanas, I feel I am improving, and my family members are also benefiting.
By participating in International Day of Yoga activities I learned a lot and feel more committed towards spreading this knowledge to my friends and others in communities.


“Content of YICC is extensive and insightful. Course structure is systematic, easy to follow, good to use to teach Yoga for beginners and even advance students. 8 step teaching method helps to correct posture and clear doubts which other external Yoga class does not provide. Manoj gives examples, analogy for more abstract theory, tries to use simple words to let us understand better. Shivani is very patient in demonstrating asanas. She corrects us and clears our doubts with patience. This YICC course is too short to fully understand what Yoga is. Hope that Vyasa will organize a 3D/2N Yoga Retreat in future.
Due to the stressful work nature, I have looked up on Yoga as a destressing tool. I have used asanas during pregnancy to reduce discomfort and back pain. I wanted to escape the stressful lifestyle and embrace Yoga. Thus, I began to search for courses online and found Vyasa Yoga’s YICC. I have realised that Yoga is the way I have been searching for. It is not an exercise, but a way to enlightenment. I know this journey is not easy and with guidance of Guru, courage and fearless attitude, I decided to embark on this spiritual journey.


“YICC course was very complete and allowed us to learn aspects of Yoga that were new, Pranayama & Kriyas. The teachers at Vyasa Yoga are wonderful. I enjoyed all the classes of Manoj, Shivani, Kuldeep and Ruchica. The delivery was fun and inspiring as well. The administration was flawless.
I would have liked to have more time for the second set of Asanas which Kuldeep did his best in given time. The course went very well; in fact, beyond my expectations. My wish to get a comprehensive overview on Yoga was fulfilled. Although there is still so much to learn, I feel at least I have full picture of the main components of Yoga.
At the course I also met with a group of wonderful people, that I look forward to deepening my practice with.


“I found the content of this course to be fantastic. All teachers are amazing, and they have different styles of delivery. Being a small group of students gave us great opportunity to ask lot of questions and understand the topics more. Overall administration was very organized, and the staff was quick in responding and giving information. I felt our course was a bit rushed. It was most likely due to two public holidays and International Yoga Day/ week.
I enjoyed this course a lot. I learned more than I thought I will. It was very good to be part of International Yoga Day and to observe all the activities. I am very proud to be part of Vyasa Yoga.


“I loved the way we were greeted on the first day of the course with Vyasa Yoga tote bag which carried text book and notebook. I could see how much Mr. Manoj cared for students. He is always helpful and gave us interesting stories apart from class contents. He held outing on Deepavali day even if it was special day for him. Teachers taught us in understandable way. I am confident now that I have learnt real authentic Yoga at Vyasa Yoga. I wish much more clear translation for Japanese batch. But still Ms. Emiko is amazing and helped us a lot. Admin staff also is friendly and always smiling. It is so kind of them to keep stock of biscuits, tea, coffee at the classrooms.

AYA COX- BATCH 264, JYICC (2018)

“YICC was interesting. Different topics were covered. Great teachers and their perspectives and delivery was much appreciative. The administration was very supportive and kept communication in group which made it easy for us too.
I wish for a better time management at the beginning of the course; as we had to really speed up for the last week. If possible, make the outing for a full day + 1 night to enjoy even more.
Overall it was a great experience and our group of classmates was amazing and friendly. The outing allowed us to know each other more and become real Yogi friends. Teachers highly encouraged solidarity in our group of classmates. It was more than just a Yoga Teacher Training. The whole journey and the process of learning was so enjoyable!


“The content of YICC was very useful, very informative and a great lessons program. The teachers are very nice and helpful, they thought about us. Their teaching is very informative. I like how we can be relaxed and have a flexible schedule, no stress, to come in the centre. It was very interesting to come here every day for the past month. I liked how we bonded with each other and became a group of friends and learnt together. The teachers were very flexible with us, not putting too much pressure on us and it was pleasant to be in the class and everyday looking forward to coming to the centre.


“YICC is an excellent course. Manoj is really knowledgeable, and I appreciate his honest and authentic sharing. Shivani is also very well-versed in all postures and teaches them well with many subtle points. Kuldeep is also very experienced and able to guide us with good pointers.
Admin staff is always helpful. I am truly glad I chose to take YICC at Vyasa. Location is great, people are lovely. I like my classmates too. Content of the course is scientifically backed. I definitely feel that I have learnt and benefited from the Course.


“YICC was certainly relevant. I have found it very compressed and look forward to deepening the knowledge and experiencing it thoroughly. All teachers are very experienced and have a lot of knowledge to share. I would appreciate a summary of the training plan for the month in advance.
As I had just recovered from a kidney infection, I felt the training quite taxing physically. I might have underestimated the strain this intense Yoga will have on my body. Regarding the theory learnt, I am confident & look forward to deepening my knowledge.
All in all, it felt very rushed through and I found it hard to put in the required effort due to my health. I wonder if I can be healed by Yoga practice and so looking forward to process all that information and experience it for myself and with students.


“I like the discussions on the history and philosophy of yoga. The while program gives a comprehensive framework for learning yoga. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and friendly. They give constructive feedback on asanas and own teaching methods. The administration process was smooth, the office was very supportive by sending information and reminders. I enjoyed the course very much. Every weekend I looked forward to seeing my classmates and practice yoga together. There are a lot of practices I need to further explore on myself. All in all, YICC as been a good start of my yoga journey.

ZHANG SIYAO – BATCH 255 (2018)

“The content of the YICC course was comprehensive and helped deepen my understanding. The teachers were knowledgeable and approachable. My experience was wonderful, insightful and enjoyable. Thank you!


“On internet I found very good reviews on Vyasa Yoga.
YICC was excellent and easy to understand. Yoga Asana demonstrations were very helpful in learn. It was interesting to know about the theory of postures.
I wish we had the soft copies of the same slides from the physical folder which was given to us during training.
All Instructors were very helping and always ready to clarify our doubts. I feel lucky to have gained lovely friends during my YICC.


“YICC content is very thorough given the short time of course. It covers lot many topics. Master Manoj ji always makes learning very interesting with real life anecdotes, funny stories and his own experiences. Shivani ji goes into details of techniques for learning postures and other practical topics. Kuldeep ji is very good in both theory & practice. He gives extra information which is beyond the scope. Administration is very helpful and efficient.
I wish to have learnt some more postures in the course which will be useful when I start to teach.
In all it has been a wonderful experience. Vyasa I s like one big family. I got to meet so many wonderful people like my batchmates and teachers. The best part is that this relationship does not end after 4 weeks’ classroom training. You can keep coming here for classes. Each class allows us to learn so much more.


“Contents are good.more on Ayurveda please ! loved-cyclic meditation,DRT,the guest lectures (Kuldeep and Prashant) added variety to the course .like the fact that manoj sir helps accommodate or schedule if we cant make it for class he arrange different class
I learnt how to relax !


“YICC was authentic and the content was meaningful. Master Manoj was quite inspiring, and one could sense his passion and devotion towards Yoga. He himself is a role model as a trainer and very much grounded in the class which is very important. Shivani was very meticulous and able to suggest modifications knowing the body type. Ruchica & Kuldeep were fantastic and always encouraged us. They gave valuable advice in the practice and asked us to respect our body limitations. Valeria had great energy and was ever willing to answer our questions.
For me, YICC was quite humbling and inspiring. The seed of growth is planted and the sense of inquiry also kind of initiated. I am grateful for the confidence given to us from the very first day of zero knowledge on Yoga to 30 days of training where awareness is built to great extent.
I believe that people meet for a reason and I am so happy and thankful for the safe and conducive leaning space offered at Vyasa Yoga. Journey has started.

KAITHRI- BATCH 263D (2018)

“The sessions were basic, informational and enjoyable. It would be great if the videos are included for all steps for each Asana. The administration was awesome and prompt in addressing queries.


“Yicc contents are very good . teachers are very friendly and good .
I feel very happy everytime I come here the theatrical classes were very good too and I understand much better now what is yoga and all the topics linked with yoga like meditation anatomy naturotherapy Ayurveda pranayama etc thank you very much to master manoj mrs Shivani mr Prashant dr Kuldeep to gave me good advices to improve my flexibility I wish you all the best to all of you for the future


“Content of YICC is very informative and engaging. The course delivery is very well done, and teachers are very knowledgeable. I joined the course to learn about Yoga, but I learnt more on life. It was a good experience.


“The content of YICC was better than expected. It opened a whole new level of understanding about the philosophy and psychological, mental and spiritual outcomes and how we can manage our lives, grow, heal and teach. A very nice summary of deep subjects which also allows for further research. The experience with the teachers made it for me. The administration was great and very helpful and kind. Nice balance of formal and informal. A lot of laughter. As an improvement, I would say that during teaching and throughout class there should be stress on the benefits and limitations of each posture more, to force students to understand the postures better if they must describe them. Helps to be able to group them accordingly.
I learnt so much about myself and the
choices/journey I have been going through. My sleep has improved as a result of the changes in thoughts as well as better understanding of the people in my life.
The whole Vyasa team are lovely and so kind, and the combined experience makes it a very deep learning experience. I can say that this course/Manoji have changed my life. I am very grateful (and not very often sleep deprived anymore!!)


“The contents of YICC are very nice and fruitful. Lectures of the teachers are simple and everyone can understand easily. Overall administration of Vyasa Yoga centre is very nice. This course should get more popularity. I am very much delighted to be part of Vyasa. Teachers and administration people are very cooperative. They welcome people with their heart. The communication between the teachers and the students is good. The program is conducted in very comfortable way. There is no pressure on the students. I am greatly satisfied with the course.


“The content of course is useful and very clear to enable us for teaching. We were taught all the subtle points of Asanas like benefits & limitations. Administration is also efficient. I had a great time learning all the details of Yoga teaching. Teachers were very knowledgeable in Yoga philosophy which was very helpful.


“YICC is designed to cover wide range of topics, which I found very rich and addressing the basics thoroughly. Teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. The Yoga philosophy was very much enjoyable.

YVONNE YU- BATCH 262E (2018)

“YICC contents are good for basic general knowledge. The teachers’delivery in on point. The course gives a good base of yoga and allows one to take part and go into further specialisation. I enjoyed the whole course, be it practical/theory.


“The YICC Course is very helpful especially the lectures and the course material. The teachers are all very knowledgeable and were helpful through out the course. They made me feel comfortable. The administration is good. I like the course structure and the idea of report presentation to the classmates. The course made me introspect and I observed the changes in my body.


“I found the content of this course to be fantastic. All teachers are amazing, and they have different styles of delivery. Being a small group of students gave us great opportunity to ask lot of questions and understand the topics more. Overall administration was very organized, and the staff was quick in responding and giving information. I felt our course was a bit rushed. It was most likely due to two public holidays and International Yoga Day/ week.
I enjoyed this course a lot. I learned more than I thought I will. It was very good to be part of International Yoga Day and to observe all the activities. I am very proud to be part of Vyasa Yoga.


“YICC content was excellent. Much broader than I expected. It has expanded my horizons and for that I am grateful. The teachers each have their own strength. Manoj is entertaining and full of knowledge. He is a paragon of humility and enthusiasm. Shivani has mastered the art of precise delivery and quiet encouragement. Prashant is a model for yoga as a way of life and Kuldeep makes anyone feel capable at even difficult asanas. The administration was efficient and welcoming. Flexible to needs and timing. I very much enjoyed my experience. Most significantly I feel like I have found a way of life that has already helped me clear my head, improve my health and strengthen my body in ways nothing else has done. I am inspired so, thank you.


“It’s a excellent course, which has given me the insight of what I was looking forward for well I have already explained that how teachers have made everything so simple for us to understand and the best part is that they are open for suggestion ,I loved it. I appreciate the way manoj ji put everything in a very simplified way . Kuldeep ji for explaining scientific tacts ,ella and surbhi for helping us to understand altogether it’s a great team of teachers.administration quite well organised , I respect specially manoji for not having any ego which I sometimes experienced with other courses and the same attitude he has given to the assistant teachers ,in Singapore where sometimes you feel lonely they have given us a new family to share and socialise ,well all together from admin teachers place everything very well placed


“I loved the content of YICC. It’s very informative and a lot of knowledge. All the topics help and inspire me to dig deeper and ask questions to myself and to know more about me. The delivery of the programme by the teacher was wonderful and with a vast amount of knowledge. The admin was good, helpful and very kind. I have enjoyed the journey with YICC so far and I am sure I will still enjoy in the future as well. I came to YICC to bring my mind & body together and for now after YICC, I am on the right track. YICC has answered so many questions of mine (which were lying inside). This has openened a new dimension to my life which is much broader, brighter and blissful and this spills into my everyday life. The way I am, the way I am with my kid, my family and people around me.


“Contents of yicc are great not too much not too little the topics that are essential to the students introduction to yoga and teachers training are just sufficient ,all the teachers manoj Shivani and Prashant Patel are approachable and knowledgeable manoj delivers his lessons by enlivening them with interesting accounts that are related to the topic are that certainly makes the lesson very interesting indeed
All the teachers and admin staff very helpful and approachable the school really makes an effort to give us opportunities to improve our practices by opening additional no stress classes the teachers are understanding and approachable on the whole I enjoy the availability of wide among of additional topics all the teachers are forthcoming with the knowledge.


“Content is well put together . the concepts and practicals allowed me to practice and understand what yoga really is the sequence of lessons daily gave opportunities for me to plan my future lessions and how to address various bodily usues and benefits and limitations it had been most helpful,the variety of teachers allows different methods and ways to approach yoga every teacher in different in style ,all info regarding course updated on whatsapp chat group ,which is good .before I started I thought yoga is just breathing and asanas here I learnt the benefits of each asana and which part of body benefits and where to stretch beyond that cleansing and breathing techniques opened my mind I would love to share my new found knowledge with people soon !


“Yicc contents are good . should organize more on the topics and schedule but I also enjoy the flexibility program delivery is good specially Prashant and his detail explanations .
Administration is perfect. Fun and joyous moment met a lot of different ppl with same interest the mixture of nationalities make you see different culture and understanding on yoga.


“Course is very nice specially theory is good.cleansing techniques is very interesting all is necessary things for yoga.i am very happy to join to YICC.
To all teachers -thankx for teaching I learned a lot of things !the teaching way also made me how to enjoy the yoga and how to find the relax ,peace, and enjoy in my mind. Learnt the breathing exercises which is very imp.


“I like the contents, programme delivery is excellent ,administration is good. The course was beneficial to me in many ways it had made me overcome my stress and pressure I have been able to calm down a lot it had benefited me health wise. I see a lot of changes in my date to day chores thanks a lot for the entire vyasa team happy to be a part of the vyasa team.

RAKHI NAIR BATCH -250 (2017)

“The YICC course was very enjoyable and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed having Manoj Ji, Shivani and Prashant and their way of teaching. I really enjoyed this program to help me heal, become stronger and gain confidence after a traumatic event in my life. I found the teaching style to be very helpful.


“I am really grateful to have signed up for this course ,although I have been practising yoga for 2 yrs the course has exposed me to knowledge and wisdom which I have never realised before the new perspective have helped me to unlearn and relearn yoga making the practice more applicable to my daily life understanding that yoga is the science for happiness I am empowered to make myself and lead the healthier life teachers are very clear and helpful willing to share more than what was required in the programme to bring about deeper understanding on the topic I loved the yoga theory it really opens up my mind on what yoga is about and how pursuing happiness is a form of science


“YICC contents are good and well structured, teachers are good willing to share . administration is good too. chair yoga can be included the course is well structured and comprehensive art to basic concept I would be progressive with yicc 300 hrs intermating with vinayasa and other vinayasa specialist .thanks very much for conducting the class

WEIWEN NG BATCH -249 (2017)

“The YICC course helped me a lot gain knowledge on yoga specially the scientific part of benefits. Mr. Manoj and Shivani are great teachers. Practical classes also properly taught.

CORI TEO BATCH-239 (2017)

“In the YICC course, I like the basic asanas, Philosophy and pranayama. Teachers have good knowledge, explanation and teaching techniques. Overall administration of the centre is good. I like the postures and the scientific part of benefits.


“I like the content of yicc as it shared what is yoga ,the fundamentals of practicing yoga and most importantly our instructors shared researches for which we can approach to answer,questions we might have.one thing I would like to know mere is the relation of asanas to human anatomy ,I thank the information will help us as instructors to identify wrong postures and help our students achieve better in their asanas.our teachers are great .manoji is experienced and share has experiences Kuldeep ji is technical complements both of them .the feeling I received is that this programme is not stressed at all.it has been an enlightening experience to find out more about about chakras knowlegewise,I am satisfied.the contacta I made are priceless as well


“Overall experience is exciting and its great to be part of this course. big thanks to all teachers for sharing their knowledge with us . manoj ji is always ready to listen others views and clarifies our doubts patiently . Shivani ji has explained all postures step by step until we understand them correctly .advanced postures taken by Kuldeep are very good.he motivates others and always shares tricks/steps to do difficult postures.the content of yicc is very much interesting and easy to understand.good combination of yoga theory and postures. It also touches the topics like kriya , pranayama,and trataka.manoji has given very good examples while teaching yoga theory.administration is welcoming and pleasant always ready to help.


“This YICC course is stepping stone for yoga lovers. The explanation by the teachers was very clear and easy to understand. Their teaching method was really professional. Overall administration of the centre is good. The course taught me new skills and let me understand even more about yoga.


“Course has helped me to understand that yoga is not just about asanas and physical benefit to understand the background history and tradition of yoga will really benefit me a lot ,regarding programme delivery I felt very very blessed to have dr Kuldeep he is not only knowlegable passionate and patient his style of teaching is very systematic and we benifited a lot from his teaching he is really a great asset to the vyasa yoga. staff is friendly and approachable .the focus on breathing while practicing the asnas is something that I will be more cautious when I practice the asanas. the lessons conducted by sir manoj ji on the theory are very enlightening sometimes I felt that I am attending some cousellinig session that helped me to look inwards and reflect.

LEE SEOK LAN BATCH -236 (2016)

“The content for YICC is comprehensive and detailed. I did not have any trouble understanding the facts and found the content very much interesting. Master Manoj ji gave the insights of Yoga, Shivani ji demonstrated and explained each and every Asana with precision; while John was very conducive about depths of every aspect of our learning Journey. Everything was pre planned and executed accordingly. I joined the Course with the intention to become a Yoga Instructor but apart from the Yoga learning I have learnt how to be better person. The ability to explain Asanas and their benefits while taking Yoga class has improved my teaching skills. Outdoor learning experience was full of life and fun. There are no words to express how much wisdom I have gained. Overall I enjoyed every lesson at Vyasa so much so that I looked forward to each learning day with great enthusiasm.

GURDEV BATCH-216 (2015)

“YICC Course is very interesting and informative. I have learnt more about yoga through the course. Great sharing by the teachers and I enjoyed the little stories and experiences told by the teachers during theory class. I am happy that I took up the course as it helped to open up my eyes and knowledge about yoga, about life and myself.

SHARON TAN BATCH -239 (2017)

“The content was alright may be you should add more poses to the course give more practice for the poses.theory is just nice. Teacher were great in their percepective knowledgeable sharing into and giving tips,administration is great no issue with the rooms ambiance and the overall infrastructure
Overall experience was great we had limited participants so it was nice to share energy & gain from their experiences group practices were great way to collaborate and there was some training given on how to conduct classes however there should be more emphasis given on how to handle the class.


“Contents are well structured and adequate for understanding ,all teachers are very experienced approachable & professional they are able to bring out the interest and set me to research more for self study sharing of different researches study and experience are good and stimulating ,staff is friendly and approachable I am happy to have selected vyasa for my discovery of yoga and the journey is still going on thanks to all my teachers sir manoj ella Kuldeep and surbhi and all seniors who had helped in our classes


“At Vyasa Yoga I have understood what Yoga is, when outside there are all sorts of definitions and types for Yoga. The Course also touches on Kriya, Pranayama and Trataka which are very good practices to learn. Teacher is very experienced and knowledgeable. He gives good examples. Vyasa is very neat, clean, organised place and one feels welcomed to Vyasa. Very good experience!

JAMIE GOH BATCH-217 (2015)

“It was amazing I loved the content ,it is so helpful ,valuable and priceless I could not find same things anywhere else .teachers were very good at teaching making us understand and help as learn everything teachers understood us and taught us according to us and I can say I have achieved so much knowledge in this course cenre is very organised and systematic they took care of all the imp stuff and kept us updated with the students , I finally understand what if means to be myself and what everything around us is I can finally connect to everything help other people more understandsituations from different perspective and finally become a better me .now I can proudly .


“YICC teaches me basic of understand of yoga .very informative course.teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful very happy to enter this yoga family .enjoyed the time spend during the course ,they provide us a lot of opportunities to enhance ourselves with workshop,very happy to be included this yoga family and start my yogi journey with vyasa.


“Yoga is not only talking about flexibility of body, it involves Pranayama, mind…””Hot Yoga that is not Yoga, it is exercise!”This is what Manoj told me during the day I came to get more information about YICC. Manoj is a very great Yoga teacher. He is so confident to his teaching and philosophy of Yoga. He is patient to answer your question. I have never regretted to know him.
Ms. Shivani is another great Yoga teacher. She teaches the 8 steps teaching method to conduct the practical class. It is really fun and I can easily understand the Asana movement, mistake, benefit and limitations and correction. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence of doing postures from her class. “


“I am happy to have comes for yicc because I love the content I find it very informative .it helped me to understand the true meaning of yoga.in respect of program delivery – fantastic teachers very clear and patient ready to answer any questions as many times ,office things seem to be managed well.in terms of content it was very good . I am very happy manoj sir , Kuldeep sir teaching I really like june as a guide too .i would just like to say that continuous practice is important so we must incorporate some asanas every day.


“This classes actually very good to me. I find that whoever want to take this course they should have at least a basic knowledge of yoga as in posture and the good and the bad in the simple way.
In this yicc I experienced the different like what is about yoga the concept. i truly learned a lot especially the cleansing technique. I am very happy.


“The class offered deep understanding in Yoga philosophy, which was very good. Manoj helped us to understand meaning of Yoga; I especially enjoyed the theory class. I am glad that I have been able to deepen my understanding in Yoga philosophy, kriya, meditation and so on. “


“Very specific course , detailed presentation by excellent teachers very well combined anatomy and postures ,teachers are extremely knowledgable and attentive to our learning process.administration is good.i love it .feel the right purpose of the course and great transformation already. Achieved in depth knowlegle of yoga I would definitely recommend to all


“I appreciate the basics and fundamentals structures of the topics covered . it was very interesting and a good instructions ,manoj and Shivani are both very patient and ever ready to our queries and in our classroom discussion ,kuldeep is very encouraging and always keeps us motivated when getting into a new asana position , Prashant is very friendly yet firm teacher as class was only once but could had also learnt great advice as he kept it real and honest ,overall these teachers are all great ,seema has been a great help in facilitating for the overall administration. All in all , not much trouble as it is being run by very well experienced and dedicated team . I had not known what to expect and hence did not except to had experienced great lessons and teachings through this course alone I credit these learning to the teachers and what I will be able to do with it once I am alone whether to teach or for my own self knowledge, overall the experience had been nothing but positive and enriching !
Thank you !


YICC at Vyasa Yoga is especially useful in terms of providing a glimpse of the huge Yoga Knowledge. The learning of Yoga is interesting as the Course provides a basic concept of Yoga Theories and Asana Practices, Pranayamas as well as Kriyas. It has spurred me to want to know more and continue learning. Teachers are professional and want all the theories and lessons be learnt and understood clearly. Delivery is easy to understand even for very profound Yoga Philosophies. Appreciate their patience and effort for putting in extra time for the weekend batch as we missed out a weekend of lesson. The program also opens up my mind and make me realise that, things that seem impossible can be done with ease. This definitely will enhance my attitude towards life. Nothing is impossible!”

KAREN BATCH-208 (2014)

“I lost flexibility in recent years after taking a break from dance for about 2 yrs . I was not able to do full wheel pose and shoulder stand when I came to my first class .now I can ,I feel more alert active and able to make decisions better in my life yoga is indeed an internal development I can feel the difference in terms of self esteem too thank you teachers !
Content of yicc very well planned and structured ,all of them dedicated in teaching ensuring that we understand what content is delivered to us


“I really enjoyed the YICC. With all this information I look forward to explore yoga anatomy. Thanks to Master Manoj Ji and Shivani Ji. Both of them have a very patient way of teaching. Master Manoj Ji corrects and requests to do adjustment in a kind way. He communicates with his students in a way that is engaging and fun. Administration is very kind and very helpful.
I can’t even express how much the training meant to me and I truly am so happy to have embarked on the journey with Vyasa Yoga Singapore. It has helped me physically and spiritually. I am very inspired to do my very best to contribute to society as there are so many useful techniques learnt during the Course.

GEETHA BATCH-218 (2015)

“I like that YICC at Vyasa Yoga focuses on theoretical knowledge and not solely on Asanas. Teachers are very effective in delivery. We felt that it is very important to them that their students learn and understand the topic. Overall administration is kept very simple but effective!
I had a wonderful journey with Vyasa Yoga Centre. I feel that the things I have learnt there are continuously moulding me to be a better person. “


“I liked the Theory and Philosophy part the most. Master Manoj Thakur is a very kind, flexible and compassionate. The way Mr Manoj delivers the theory is fantastic. He uses so many real-life examples related to the topic. At the beginning I was uncertain if the program is suitable to me. But with Manoj ji’s encouragement and support I decided to continue. And I feel very glad to learn Yoga in Vyasa with Mr Manoj. Thank you….


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is fantastic! I am very much surprised with the content of the course, as I expected it to be more like exercises and commercialised type; but it is not. As I have been doing my spiritual practice since last 3 years, I had many doubts and questions which were answered by Master Manoj ji during YICC. I wish to learn more from him


“The content is complete and easy to understand. I could feel great energy and the delivery of information on Yoga is wonderful. Master Manoj ji gives good examples which makes us understand better and always answers to our questions. The administration is well organized as well as the whole team is caring and it feels like family. First of all, I would like to thank you for the beautiful experience I had during the entire Course. Since day 1, it has been an eye opener. I have now a complete understanding of what is Yoga, its purpose. I know that Yoga is something I/we should do every day for achieving balance and therefore bliss. Thank you for the unconditional care and tolerance.


“The 120 hours is an important component of Vyasa training. The comprehensive theory and practical classes prior to this extensive practicum provided a very firm foundation for me to, firstly understand and appreciate the true meaning of Yoga and it’s applications and then to be able to share this beautiful message to others who are in pursuit of this joy.”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is all rounded and well planned out. It is very useful and made easy for everyone to understand. The teacher is very well established and explains the topics very well. His knowledge is vast and we gained a lot from him. Excellent! The practices were very organized. Personally I found the course extremely informative. I have gained insight into many things I never knew. My experience is very pleasant. I have understood many aspects of yoga and I plan to spread the concept as far as I can………….


“Since I attended YICC at Vyasa Yoga Singapore, I have different level of understanding for Yoga. Thanks to Master Manoj Thakur for his relaxed way of teaching. The way he conducts the lessons I felt at ease although there is an exam at the end !”

TEO AH ING, YICC. BATCH-200 (2014)

“The content of YICC at Vyasa Yoga Singapore is more intensive and practical. I liked the philosophy a lot. It really gave me a new perspective in life. The teacher Mr. Manoj is fantastic. He is approachable and friendly. He allows students to discuss and ask questions. This makes the class more interesting and livelier. His nice persona makes the lessons less stressful and so we can learn more. I also like flexibility in making up for lessons; if we could not make it for scheduled one.”


“YTCC has excellent content. I enjoyed all Therapy studies and advanced techniques .Teachers Manoj ji and Shivani ji are very good. I enjoyed their kindness and wisdom while teaching during the course. The Course has given me opportunity and confidence to start my therapy work outside. And the patience from the teachers allows me to learn from mistakes and progress. Under their constant guidance, I feel have more understanding about Yoga & life.


The content is very comprehensive and allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Yoga. The topics that we have learnt help us to develop the rationale for doing certain postures or techniques. The teachers are knowledgeable, patient, helpful and caring. They never fail to ensure that students have attained a very good understanding of the concept before moving on.

The entire Corse has shaded light on many aspects of Yoga that generally people fail to notice and know about. Yoga is practiced as an exercise without proper knowledge of its purpose or meaning… However the Course has given a better understanding regarding postures and their therapeutic properties.”


“Thanks to our Master Manoj Thakur for endless answers, discussions, and guidance on our path to becoming yoga teachers. His knowledge is vast and I hope one day to be dedicated and learned as him.”


“I liked the content of YICC very much! It was complete in presentation and provided background to the great wealth of knowledge Yoga can offer…Master Manoj conducted the class in a way not to overwhelm the students relatively new to Yoga. Vyasa Yoga Centre is very welcoming… very professional yet also keen to improve continuously. I felt as if I almost joined a community of an enlarged family! I simply loved attending YICC! I am so much thankful to Master Manoj for allowing me to attend sessions for the following batches as I missed 5 classes due to travel and other engagements… Overall becoming part of the Vyasa Yoga Singapore’s student’s community has been a great experience.”


“A more in depth and broad study and appreciation of Yoga to diseases that is totally natural and sustainable to one’s health. Acquiring this Certificate makes one truly motivated and skilled to help suffering humans in need.”


“I liked the Course and I liked the way Manoj and Shivani conducted the training. I wouldn’t mind if the Course would be longer and more intense. I feel like it is still a long way to go…”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga provided a much broader and comprehensive view on Yoga. I used to focus just on Asana, but now onwards I will use Yoga as a way of Life! During the Course, interaction with teachers made me appreciate the depth & wisdom of Yoga even more. All peers in the class help and support each other which are very good! The administration at Vyasa Yoga is easy, relaxed yet organized…


“I liked the philosophy and the contents. The program delivery is good. I really enjoyed myself attending this Course. I now have a better understanding of what is ‘Yoga’. I hope that I have chance to continue learning and want to know more on Yoga as Therapy.”


“My recent participation in Yoga Teacher’s Training Course (YICC) has been a very enriching and useful experience. I found the approach to be holistic as it not only focussed on the Asanas, but enunciated the concept of yoga, including practical demonstrations, theme based assignments and report preparation. I personally found it to be an eye opener as it helped me to better understand the perception of yoga and in general the enormous advantages it holds for one to lead a composed and guarded way of life. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Vyasa School for their efforts in organising and facilitating such Yoga courses.”


“I have found YICC very informative and engaging. Teachers were very helpful especially in theory class. They gave constructive criticism. The place vey clean and very well kept. Overall it was extremely satisfying feel!”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very informative. I particularly liked the philosophical aspect of the Course. Administration is friendly and helpful. Conducive environment at the class makes learning unthreatening! Teachers are knowledgeable and are always ready to provide assistance. Learning experience has been fun here, so very enjoyable!”

YIP KAM BATCH-213 (2014)

“It was overall a very enjoyable experience. The knowledge learned throughout six weeks’ programme has proven to be of high value addition to my daily life; especially to know myself deeper & to manage my emotions better and deal with various challenges.

The Course also has opened my mind to new things, which has helped me to be courageous to let go of certain things in life.”


“YICC at Vyasa is great, detailed and comprehensive. All teachers have been helpful and wonderful in sharing their knowledge. The interactive approach makes learning fun and memorable. Along the way, I also made friends with fellow course mates who spread their enthusiasm, love of life and Yoga!”


“I truly acknowledge Manoj and Shivani Thakur, whose commitment and dedication to bringing this program to Singapore, and sharing the teachings of Dr. Nagendra, has inspired so many individuals such as me to make a
positive difference in this world through their own teachings and examples. I look forward to share the gifts I have received as a result of YICC to many others yet to come on this journey.”


“Thank you Manoj ji & Shivani ji for enlightening us with real Yoga Knowledge. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to teaching.”


“The content of YICC is more intensive and practical. I like the philosophy more! It gave me new perspective and interesting point of life! Master Manoj would teach us in such a way that everyone understands, even there are lots of doubts… He still makes sure by the end of the class; each student leaves with satisfaction and is happy… My sincere thanks to him for his endless answers to all the questions asked during the entire Course. All the knowledge given is very useful for me in future when I will teach Yoga!

Vyasa Yoga Centre seems to be well run. The registration process is easy and all classes ran on schedule.”

SENIFA BATCH-207 (2014)

“Starting my journey last year with YICC, it gave me the theoretical as well as practical foundation leading into my yoga practice and teaching today, including pranayama, asanas and relaxation techniques.I am very much enjoyed having Manoj as a teacher and being part of the Vyasa family. However, 1.5 years down the road I felt it was time to go deeper and that is why I joined in May YTCC. It is a truly fantastic program giving us the adequate background information connecting yoga with medical knowledge. I am very happy that I made this step forward to deepen my understanding and knowledge of yoga”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga gave me a holistic picture about what Yoga truly is. Theory topics were very informative and were taught systematically. Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and all the other topics are taught with notes that are very comprehensive. Teachers give good explanations to every question asked; even for questions on personal level.
Administration is very organized, no administrative red tape, it was easy to apply and pay for the course.
After the first week of practice, I found significant improvement in my quality of sleep. It usually took me about one to two hours to fall asleep before I started yoga, even during hectic days (I was still schooling in junior college and would be very tired by the end of the day). Now, it takes me about half an hour and I wake up feeling energised. Throughout the course, I have felt deeply of how the words of a doctor can actually affect the patient a lot, especially mentally.
As I am going to continue with medical school this year, I will be wary of how I want to communicate with my patients in the future. I have enjoyed the whole month of YICC training with my batch mates. Everyone’s experiences built on each other’s which gave me valuable insights of many life related issues and health problems. To be specific, this month flew by very fast and I would recommend anyone to join this course.

YAP BIN HUI BATCH-218 (2014)

“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very comprehensive in terms of coverage of Concept and Theory of Yoga. Teachers are knowledgeable and administration is efficient! It has been an enriching experience for me. I also got to meet like-minded participants who are equally passionate about Yoga.”

WENDY YIP BATCH-210 (2014)

“YICC at Vyasa Yoga covered everything well about Yoga which I really wanted to find out. Every single topic is broken down in point form which is easy to digest. Opportunity to attend talks during the Course is proven helpful to me. I have been able to learn a true concept of Yoga and also able to calm myself down a lot. My family especially see my changes. I am seeing things in different perspective which helps me bring down stress. One big “Thank you” to all teachers who patiently replied my questions & queries during the Course!


“I came here to increase my knowledge of Yoga, mainly poses, which is only a physical aspect of Yoga. But the Course has given me much more. It has given me an insight into myself which was very much needed. It has made me more spiritual & relaxed person. I have found this Course very helpful. It increases confidence of students by exposing them to different kinds of projects & an outing, meeting new people. It prepares them to be confident enough to teach Yoga. So I think my journey has been happy as well as successful.”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very good and well rounded! Teachers are experienced and had a through knowledge. They were able to explain subject matter. The examples given allowed us to foresee what we would go through ourselves as teachers. The pace of information delivery is remarkable! To me the whole program was insightful. I found out more about myself. It has deepened my interest for Yoga further. It was nice meeting likeminded people as well, sharing experiences and learning from them.”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga Singapore is designed after philosophical concepts as well as the physical aspects of Yoga. Manoj is very knowledgeable in the delivery of the programme. It is a great foundation Course for those who want to deepen their understanding of Yoga beyond the physical postures. I fully enjoyed learning more about Yoga through YICC. I came with open heart & mind and found that, it has helped me address my own life in a better way. “


“YICC Course Syllabus and Content is purely an essence of Yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot. It’s my pleasure to have teachers like “Guru”who teach me very well. We feel comfortable and don’t get bored in class room!

We have gained more knowledge, both practical as well as theoretical, which help to motivate one. It has cleared my doubts in Yoga practice. Especially 8 step method is very good to execute any Yoga Posture. I really enjoyed the Course and want to thank all the teachers for sharing their expertise and keeping a lot of patience in correcting our postures..!


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very well organised. Key components were covered and the emphasize was given to the essence of Yoga! Manoj ji is a wonderful teacher who puts us all at ease. The entire Course is conducted in a very simple and straightforward manner. Things are done pretty systematically. A wonderful learning experience, I love the philosophy and the changes it has brought into my life!”


For me Yoga has become a science which brings everything together and where I can find all my answers. Very Interesting! The Journey has just started. Thanks to the lovely couple Ms. Shivani and Master Mr. Manoj for being excellent teachers in Yoga. Every day it had been a joy for me to go to Vyasa Yoga Classes and I hope to continue my Yoga Way Life back in the Netherlands.


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is a good proportion of Practice and Theory. Attending this Course opened my future towards Yoga Instructor. It not only gave me deep understanding of Yoga Theory and Practices, but also motivation & encouragement for my new journey with Yoga. Each Teacher was wonderful. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!”


“YICC at Vyasa is such a life changing experience that I cannot wait to share the benefits with others. I believe I will continue to deepen my knowledge of Yoga and go back to my regular practice with more awareness and understanding. I hope to introduce people I know to the beautiful effects of Yoga and this can only be good for all of us! The delivery of the whole program is fantastic! Teachers are informal and very knowledgeable…”


Wish to thank Manoj ji for his guidance during the length of this course. He applies his special combination of ‘real life ‘practicality with profound spiritual wisdom in a way that few can match. In teaching me about the nature of re- centring, his meditation has been enormously enhancing.


“By taking up YICC at Vyasa Yoga Singapore,
1: I have learned the Knowledge about Yoga Philosophy
2: I have been able to control my mind and body
3: I feel less stressful
4: I am motivated to do Yogasana practice daily to improve my health
5: I have realised the purpose of life”


“It’s been really good course for me. The journey was so amazing! It’s good to know the Concept of Yoga and Yoga Philosophy. It has helped to strengthen my faith in my own beliefs. Guru Manoj and Prashant were great!”


“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is an overall good program. The teachers are well-prepared for it. During the entire Course I understood more about Yoga Concept, Pranayama. I have also learnt the teaching method to teach the students breathing exercises, techniques of teaching different students.”

AMY TAN BATCH-206 (2014)

“YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very comprehensive and gives in depth knowledge especially on the philosophy of yoga. Teachers are very patient, kind and accommodating. Course is very well structured and well-organized. It feels very is relaxing and not stressful even when you sit for exam at the end of the Course. The teachers are encouraging, they motivated me to study and practice yoga further…..


I am thankful to Guru Manoj ji from whom I have learnt the essence of Yoga. He has been my teacher, mentor and a compelling motivator throughout my course and later too. He has always been there to answer all my questions and clear all my doubts.


I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to my kind, funny and caring teacher Manoj, for teaching and sharing his knowledge on Yoga so generously and patiently. Also I would like to convey my sincere respect and gratitude to teacher Shivani, for her gentle smiles and for teaching so clearly and precisely.


I always looked forward to attend my Yoga class at Vyasa while doing YICC, because each time there was something new and interesting to learn. Manoj ji would make each class more enriching and awakening!


My deepest appreciation to my Guru Mr. Manoj Thakur, without his teaching my path to enlightenment would be dark. Today I realize I started Yoga for the right reason, to find happiness. I know now, that it is within my grasp, but I am yet to learn to be constantly in the present moment. I have learnt so much from my teacher. I am thankful to my friend who recommended this course to me.