Vyasa Yoga Singapore was founded in 2011 in affiliation with S-VYASA Bangalore, an Education Establishment with great global reputation, and one of the Oldest Schools in Singapore. 

With said accreditation from an International Organization such as S-VYASA, and our scientific approach to Yoga, we have established ourselves within our community as a leader in our field. 

Our family extents to over 2,000 Trained Yoga Instructors and 500 Trained Yoga Therapists, as well as our Yoga students.

Beyond the Vyasa Yoga Singapore brand and reputation, let’s learn more about our founding member of Vyasa Yoga Singapore, Mr. Manoj Thakur,on his journey of setting up Vyasa Yoga School, what are the scientific approaches of Yoga, achievements and key mindset for anyone who wants to be an instructor or practice yoga. 

Mr Manoj learnt the ancient knowledge of Yoga from one of the leading Yoga institutes recognized internationally, which used a scientific approach to prove Yoga. With the goal of spreading the knowledge through Yoga instructors & Therapists in Singapore, he decided to create a Yoga school and offer Yoga courses – E.g. Yoga Instructors certificate course (YICC) & Yoga Therapy Certificate Course (YTCC).

Some examples of scientific research based yoga practices, is that it can help to increase or decrease metabolic rate as per body condition, maintain a healthy mental (nervous) , body (digestive & Endocrine system). There are hundreds of scientific research papers published in international medical & health journals E.g. papers published in British medical journals for Asthma & Diabetes.

The top three achievements for the last five years of Vyasa Yoga Singapore has extended way over 2000 instructors, 500 trained yoga therapists and students. 

But beyond that, we have done International Yoga Therapy conferences in 2010 for Cancer, different psychosomatic ailments in 2012. 

From year 2013, we conduct ongoing Yoga for Diabetes programs, which sums up to be more than 200 different types of Yoga workshops, 

Since 2015, we also conduct International Yoga Day programs, which we also manage to organize the successful 4th Asian Yoga therapy conference in Bali, in 2019. 

As a yoga instructor or practitioner, one is encouraged to have a key mindset of interest in managing a healthy lifestyle and want to deepen his/her knowledge in Yoga philosophy.

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