3 Ways To Be A Yoga Coach In The 21st Century

  1. Get Certified Through Authorized Local Providers
    • Yoga instructor certificate courses ensure the reliability and trust of a yoga practitioner having a basic standard met for yoga teaching E.g. 200 hour yoga as a benchmark for Certified RYT 200 hours. 
    • Mr. Manoj Thakur founded Vyasa Yoga Singapore and in affiliation with S-VYASA Bangalore, an Education Establishment with great global reputation which has provided over 2,000 Trained Yoga Instructors and 500 Trained Yoga Therapists, as well as our Yoga students. 
    • To decide the school that you would like to go for your first yoga instructor certification, you can
      • 1) Compare the course rates
      • 2) Join ad hoc workshops (to get a feel of the teaching materials) 
      • 3) Look through the number of testimonials given to the school itself. 
    • And then prioritize your expectations and requirements to choose the school you would like to learn from.
  2. Keep practicing and get involved in Yoga Groups
    • Teacher training workshops, group practicing, exposures to different age group classes will help yoga instructors to gain confidence and refine their teaching skills. 
    • Continuous discipline, practicing and teaching benefits not only individuals’ standards on being a yoga coach, but also builds self-awareness of what one needs to improve, whether it is the class, communication or presentation flow to their own yoga students. 
  3. Gain reputation and build personal branding through online tools.
    • In the 21st century, social media(s) are good tools to express and prove one’s capability of teaching yoga and serving others’ demand in their needs to practice yoga. 
    • Beyond teaching, there is a need to build reputation and personal branding to connect with potential yoga students locally and overseas. 
    • That helps to build like-minded communities as well as learn about cultures, to improve one’s flexibility and adaptability to cater yoga classes in different regions, improve coaching skills to rise to higher heights in yoga coaching career.

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