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Since the beginning of Covid-19, Singapore was put into circuit breaker mode for the past 3 months and we have observed the new trends for yoga training, teaching and learning in a stance of transition. 


Consumers are pushed to use virtual / online platforms to practice yoga. Potentially saving the hassle of travelling and probably enjoy a cheaper rate for attending yoga classes as virtual classes are expected to be cheaper than offline lessons.

However, one challenge commonly faced by yoga teachers is being unable to help students to adjust their yoga postures directly. Because the yoga sessions are online, it will depend a lot on demonstration and instructions given by yoga teachers with great care of observation and support. 

Yoga teacher training courses like Yoga Instructor Certificate Course which consist of 200-hour yoga (Theory, Practice and Teaching) have to be partially taught online in order not to delay the completion of the course. Here in Vyasa Yoga, our students focused more on the theoretical aspect of the YICC course during online courses. Where they were to memorize and summarize different scientific approaches. As the laws were flexible and students regained more confidence, students had intensive courses to complete the physical aspect of the course.

There will be a need to work on creating interactive and attractive topics to attract online yoga sessions for existing or potential customers. With more intuitive and interactive workshops online, here at Vyasa Yoga we aim to keep our students engaged and interested. To find out more about our workshops please visit our website or drop us a message on Facebook or an email!

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