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International Day of Yoga - 2024

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Using the scientific principles of Yoga to make the lives of everyone happy, healthy and peaceful.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full Yogi experience at our studio or online!

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Discover The Deepest Forms Of Yoga for daily stretch. Learn To Address Health Concerns Through The Art And Science Of Yoga & Yoga Therapy.
About Our School

How we become Vyasa Yoga

We were founded in 2011 in affiliation with S-VYASA, an educational institution with a global reputation. With accreditation from an international organization such as S-VYASA and a scientific approach to yoga, our community has recognized us as a leader in our field since the day we opened our doors. Our family extends to over 3,000 trained yoga instructors plus 500 trained yogi health therapists, as well as all of our own students.


We seek to inspire our students with ancient mix contemporary Yogic knowledge


Highly qualified & Professional Yoga Instructors from around the world


Gain the Expertise, Knowledge, & Confidence to Teach Yoga Classes & unlock self-mastery

Our Instructors

We redefine the yoga experience for anyone looking for something empowering yet a home away from home through an authentic and immersive environment.


What people say about us
  • It was one of the most enjoyable journeys of my life. I felt like family at Vyasa. I am grateful that I have joined YICC and it will be like a turning point in my life. Yoga is a journey that will constantly giving me challenges and uncovering my own potentials.

    YICC has been an important part of my journey in discovering, practicing and teaching Yoga. The people I met along the way in Vyasa has also made the entire journey interesting, enjoyable and  memorable.”

    Chantelle Fernandes
    YICC Batch 294
  • I very much enjoyed the lectures and theory of the course. It was delivered by Manoj ji in a way that was not only interesting but humorous and enjoyable. The program was very well delivered. Both teachers had different roles that were appropriately allocated and suited their personality and delivery style.

    I particularly enjoyed the theory of the course and can see that Manoj lives the theory which he is teaching. He was very patient with me and my particular challenges and I felt supported when I talked to him. The administration is very well organized!

    Marianne Harvey
    YICC Batch 304
  • I would like to thank all the teachers of Vyasa Yoga Singapore and SVYASA Bangalore for managing my knee pain due to plantar fasciitis. After attending Yoga Therapy classes I do not need pain killers anymore. We learn various Yoga Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayamas, Bandhas and special techniques developed by Guruji Dr. HR Nagendra. I see improvements in overall wellbeing and I feel good about myself!

    Yoga Therapy Class Attendee, 2022
  • “Starting my journey last year with YICC, it gave me the theoretical as well as practical foundation leading into my yoga practice and teaching today, including pranayama, asanas and relaxation techniques. I am very much enjoyed having Manoj as a teacher and being part of the Vyasa family. However, 1.5 years down the road I felt it was time to go deeper and that is why I joined in May YTCC. It is a truly fantastic program giving us the adequate background information connecting yoga with medical knowledge. I am very happy that I made this step forward to deepen my understanding and knowledge of yoga.”

    Yoga Therapy Course
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Monday – Sunday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

60 Tessensohn Rd, #03-05 Farrer Park,

Singapore 217664